Is BYU deserving of it's ranking @16?

At this point, I would have to say No based on our ability to Run the ball and to defend the Run.
I think we have ALL the tools but it’s coaching, that’s my take, argue all you want.

I do think we are top 25 material even with our weaknesses. Just not top 20 material yet.
ND and Arkansas will settle that argument.

I think poll are a joke until week 6 anyways. Look at Florida (Utah played them) and Baylor (BYU played them) both highly ranked week one… now neither one of them are in the AP top 25 this week.

The only reason polls are valuable as currently done is it that it makes it easier to get into the CFP if you are highly ranked to begin with and don’t lose games.

As for BYU with the current structure in place, I think they are about the right place.

10 of 25 top 25 teams lost Saturday. BYU deserves to be #16.