Is BYU football still playing for anything in 2015? - 27 Sep


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Not much. As per usual, the season ends at game number four. Its good to have high expectations, but fans need to realize the odds of being relevant on a national stage year in and year out at BYU are not high in the current football climate, and its unlikely things will change anytime soon. At this point each new year of independence just puts as that much further in the hole.

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As usual Indy- BYU is in the usual conundrum after going 2 and 2. But if we win say all but the Missouri game BYU can go 9 and 3. There are some tricky games like Utah State and Fresno State. But at 9 and 3 BYU could get a decent mid- PAC 12 match up in the Las Vegas Bowl or who knows at the Hawaii Bowl. If we win out at 10 and 2 a New Year’s Six bowl is still possible. BYU should continue on its present 2015, 2016, and 2017 schedule’s and keep trying to get into a P-5 conference, the Big 12 the most probable.But if we try and do not get into a P-5 conference the American Athletic Conference seems one of the best possibilities of non–P-5 conferences to join or of course there, is always the Mountain West (the least acceptable). Another earthquake of P-5 conferences may present BYU with an opportunity in the Big 12 and/or the Big 10 if Nebraska bolts back to the Big 12. In fact, if Nebraska bolts back to the big 12 Conference, BYU might serve as a travel partner for the Big 12 with Nebraska or BYU might get picked for the Nebraska vacancy in the Big 10 (14) Conference. Otherwise AAC or at least the MWC.