Is It Time For Honesty Yet?

Do we really want to be invited to a P5 conference?

Do we really want to play a minimum of 9 P5 teams in our P5 conference each season with the other 3 non conference games being respectable teams?

Are we just saying that we want these things but really don’t want it?

Would we rather guarantee ourselves consecutive Bowl games each season by programing 6 teams each season that we know we can not possibly lose to, like Idaho, Idaho State, Weber State, Savanna State, Wager, Southern Utah?

Regarding our 2016 season:

" “My wife says it’s awful,” Mendenhall said with a laugh, referring to the reaction of his wife Holly. “She texted me when it was released and said, ‘This is awful.’ I just thought I’d share that.”

  1. Arizona 2. Utah 3. UCLA 4. W. Va. 5. Mich. State are five of the 9 P5 teams that we would be required to play if we were in a P5 conference.

A. Boise State, B. Cinn. C. Southern Miss would be three good non conference games.

We would only be short 3 P5 teams to be acting like a P5 conference, but instead, we scheduled
FCS Southern Utah, and a couple other guaranteed win teams.

On the bright side, we did not guarantee ourselves 6 patsey games for a guaranteed bowl game like we did in the past 11 years. That is good.

What is it that we really want? On the surface, it may look to some that we want to be a P5 team, but we want the privilege of programing like a G5 team.

Thanks for the best season of programing ever. If we really want to be a P5 team, and it just isn’t talk, than perhaps, we need to program 9 P5 teams each season and no FCS teams at all.

I repeat Ron, why don’t you volunteer to complete that kind of scheduling either for Tom H. or with him If you get it done, I will give you 3 “All Hail Ron!” On paper it sounds so very easy, what you keep saying (about 15 times now) you want. Not so easy for the person actually trying to schedule the games. Sounds like, I assume, that I am antagonistic towards you. The only thing I am antagonistic about is that you repeat this same message so very many times. And with that repeating, you imply that you are the only fan that wants the team to be in a P5 conference. On the other hand if you can get it done by sheer force of will then have at it and we all can have more enjoyment.

Yeah… it got old a long time ago.


I think we refer to this as ‘beating a dead horse’… :wink:

There’s beating a dead horse and then there is beating a long dead corpse.

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BYU should be in a P-5 conference if anybody wants us. But because of bigotry I have real doubts if we ever get in.
We had a really bad game against SJSU last light or was it this morning. I remember when SJSU said they wouln’t ever play us again because we wouldn’t give the Priesthood to blacks pre-1978. At the time BYU had more Native Americans than any other school in America because of the Lamanite free tuition program, al la Spencer W. Kimball. Many of us wore red armbands to say we had more Lamanites than any other school. If I remember, we beat San Jose by a big score. By the way, to me it was a trap game last night, this morning BYU SN.

I like all of your ideas better. Let’s put your plan in action.
I forgot. Just what is your plan.


With all of your knowledge, and authority, and respect, i think that you would be far more qualified, Go for it.
Roy, I have an honest question for you that I really do not know the answer to.

Which answer, (1-6) comes the closest to what you really want

1.) Would you rather be in a G5 conference now and stop all the bickering over how many P5 teams needs to be played in a season, in order to be invited to a P5 conference, and how important it is not to play FCS teams, and just be satisfied with being a mid major team.

2.) Would you rather not act apathetic, or complacent with the status quo and FIGHT to be a significantly relevant
football team among college sports and do what it takes to get invited into a P5 conference.

3). Would you like to be in the MWC to battle for a conference Championship.

4.) Would you like to be in that AAC and battle for a conference Championship

5.) Would you like to be in the Sun Belt Conference where we could win every game, be conference champions every year, have a bowl game every year, and pay very little for our coaching staff.

6.) Other: Tell us in your own words what it is that you really want. As for me, it will help me understand your wishes and needs and help be to communicate with you more intelligently.

I really don’t want to battle with you or anyone else. I only want want I perhaps (mistakenly) I think that the majority on this board really wants. If I find that what I thought you want is different from what it really is, I will refrain from posting on this site.

Peace to all and good will to all mankind. Merry /christmas

Ron, I asked you first. No fair trying to juke me. Just say you cannot do it, if that is the case. If you do as I suggested and you bust a gut doing it and Tom says you put in the time and effort, then I will reveal my plans, even if you don’t succeed in getting us into a P5 conference…

Ron, I do NOT want you to leave this forum. But here is what I want from you: 1) PLEASE stop repeating your posts 15 to 25 times. It gets very old and stale, very stale. 2) Please refrain from your cajoling. For some reason you believe if you repeat over and over and over and over, etc., etc., etc., etc. that you will get a large group of us to agree with you 100% and then we can take that to Tom or his bosses or the brethren and use the group consensus to force them into getting us into a P5 conference. Ain’t gonna happen Ron. First of all I doubt there are more than 15 individuals (if that many) who post on this site. That is not enough people to make anything happen beyond being laughed at. Ron we are Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday morning QBs. That’s all. Nothing more. If all the bosses at BYU, all of them not just in the athletic department, and the entire University staff, and every single General Authority and all the staffs in the entire Church’s employ tried to shoe horn us into a P5 Conference - not gonna happen Ron. Do you think if you can get all us to agree with you 100% to move mountain and ocean to get into a P5 conference that will make it all happen magically? Ain’t gonna happen. Do you think you can get all of us to agree on one single thing, regardless of how many times those of us who don’t agree with you 100% are told by you that we don’t want BYU football to succeed at the highest levels - ain’t gonna happen Ron. I know you are trying hard but you probably just piss of the majority of us and you are ignored. I should just have ignored you too but I do love a good dust up. So at the end of this typing, repeat you posts 75 times or 100 times or 250 times and I will just ignore your posts. I think you have had several good points but you ruin it by trying to stuff it not just down our throats but down our intestines and out our anuses. So now I’m done and I know change ain’t gonna come.

We would not be required to play those five teams if we were in a P5 conference, and the fallacy is believing that all teams in a P5 conference are power teams. A schedule of Purdue, Kansas, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, and Colorado is pretty inviting, for example.