Is it too hard to do what is necessary to become a significant P5 team?

As fans, do we want our names included in a list that voted to go back as a G5 Mid-major team in a Mid-major conference, or so that we don’t take the risk of being a middle of the pack G5 team in a G5 conference, should we go FCS where we can be king pen with only little effort and cost ?

As players, do we want to keep fighting against all odds, and keep trying to be a P5 quality team, with just (on the job training) coaches to get us there, that will work for only a third of what they could get working in a P5 conference, if they were experienced in their field, or

Do we want our names included as the players that voted to go back to a mid-major conference perhaps in the middle of the conference or do we want to go FCS where we can be the king pens with little money or cost ?

As the leadership holding the keys to our financial investments, do we want our names included as the leaders that voted to let our team go back to being a mid-major team in a mid-major conference where we might be in the middle of those mid-major teams in our conference or do we want to go FCS where we do not need to spend too much effort and not worry about the cost of having a significant team.

Should we teach our children that if things seem too hard, instead of working hard, to achieve them, we should just give up?

If we can take the easy way out, should we?.

In the theme of things, is BYU football just not worth the effort, and the money spent? Should we look for something easy where we do not have to make any sacrifices? Is that who or what we are?

Which football program makes the most money? Utah Utes or BYU Cougars?

Which is the best football program now between the two teams?

How much more does Utah pay their coaches than BYU pays their coaches?

After the -cost- of the coaches, which team makes the most money from ticket sales, from TV revenue, from all other sources?

Can one really expect a coach doing (on the job training), to consistently be successful vs a team with experienced successful coaches?

Can we really blame a DC for not doing a great job as a HC if he never had any experience as a HC? Can we really blame a line coach for not doing a great job as a OC if he never had any experience as an OC?

We hire coaches doing (On the job Training) because we will not pay the price to hire an experienced coach at the job we are hiring him to be successful.

Things will not change for the good until the thinking of those controlling the budget that hires our coaches to change.

Don’t talk tithing to me. Instead talk investment money in the Coca Cola Company, the Pharma, the department stores and then media etc, etc etc.

Teams in P-5 conferences get the P-5 level of TV revenue per team. It is a lot more than BYU gets from ESPN. I don’t know where people got the figure that BYU gets $13-15 million TV money from ESPN.I have heard that BYU gets about $6 to $8 million TV money from ESPN. I don’t know what other money BYU gets for playing anybody else.

From the days of Bronco, the figure of $10 Million per year from ESPN was the figure most used/heard/read.

RU: You have about as much information on the amount of money BYU gets from ESPN asI do. Does anybody else have any real scoup or valid information on how much BYU gets from ESPN for football TV money? If so, what is your source? How about the real P-5 conferences. How much TV money does each P-5 conference team get in TV money. For example I do know that Texas gets more money than the rest of the (little 10) Big 12 team’s TV money in the Big 12 conference. I know that the SEC gets more TV money than most P-5 conferences per team. What does the ACC, the Big 10 (14), and the PAC -12 teams each get for TV money? Also, does anybody know how much Notre Dame gets in TV money for its exclusive TV contract with NBC? Or whatever network it deals with?

I read, 6 or 7 years ago, that Bama gets about $120-130 million per year and Auburn gets $100-120 million per year. I read this in a newspaper, how accurate I do not know.