Is Rose a great coach?

We addressed that earlier in the season when BYU was getting killed in the middle and several of us could not believe that Rose would not play Bartley or Sharp.

Fast forward to the Gonzaga game and Rose uses Sharp and mostly Bartley to shut down Wiltjar…for the record, I would put Collinsworth in as the WCC MVP over Wiltjar now based on this last game head to head. I would also pencil Rose in as the WCC coach of the year, just based on how he managed the team with all our injuries to key players.

But back to Rose, I was listening to a ESPN channel somewhere in Montana late night and when asked who he thought was a coach that no one talks about and the answer came back, Dave Rose. He went on to say that there is only a handful of coaches that have won 20 games per year and played in 6 of the last 7 years in the NCAAs.

I am very excited about the next 4 years and pray that Rose stays healthy and can enjoy the fruits of his recruits.

Is Rose a great coach?

Well, the way it goes around here…
yes, when they are winning. :wink:

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