Is Sataki being used as a scape goat?

If we buy into all that we read today in the Deseret News, the Provo Herald, and KSL Radion and more,
then we believe that getting rid of Salani Sataki will solve all of our BYU Cougar problems. We will immediately go back to being a 10-2 team again?

What about going back to the days of Hal Kopp, the great coach that brought us from Chick Atkinson’s winless season and two other seasons with one win each. In those 3 short years, Kopp was able to bring us all the way up to a 13-14-3 season. What a miracle to go from winless to almost a winning season, just needing one more win. Chick was great guy. He did nothing wrong. He was not LDS.

Perhaps we need a second shot in the arm. Perhaps we need to go after the best Head coach possible and not just the LDS coach available.

Sataki lack of success at BYU was compared to Bonco’s success at Va. Va pays Bronco twice the paycheck that BYU pays Sataki, or Bronco, or anyone else’

Perhaps the purse holders may need to reconsider. Maybe a competitive wage is needed to get and to keep competitive head coaches.

Perhaps the money holders may need to consider paying all coaches a competitive wage instead of getting something for nothing. When you pay nothing, you can expect to get nothing in return.

When you pay nothing, you get inexperienced coaches instead of experienced coaches.

We won’t be able to blame the fan base, when nobody wants to come to home games anymore. If the leadership is not committed beyone what they can get for nothing, then why should the fan
base want to come to watch us lose, or worse yet, win over FCS teams?

Look, what are the real problems? Bad play calling inside the redzone. We seem to know what plays to call and not call. All that with no experience. So, is experience all that important? No. Our players are in great condition and ready to play.

So is Bronco M. a better coach at Va. than he was at BYU - just as soon as he received his increased paycheck? Sitaki is the HC and his record is his record, there is no scapegoating about that. Would Sitaki suddenly become a much better HC if Holmoe came to him and announced that he now was getting double or triple his salary? I don’t care who is brought in here, LDS or not LDS, they will have the same constraints as BM and Sitaki and fewer resources than at some other schools. I surely doubt that any of the non-LDS currently top-notch or rising HCs would come to BYU even if the HC salary was increased to 5 million per year. Bronco has more resources and fewer constraints with Va. than with BYU.

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Yes and no. Bronco and assistants are the same coaches. They were always good in their respective fields. Sitake is a good face for BYU-he just isn’t a good x and o type of coach like Pete at Washington or Leach at WSU, but unfortunately BYU has limited options under their current hiring mandates

Rather than pointing fingers and blaming the Church or Honor Code, maybe simply come up with play calls when we get inside the 30. We do fine moving the ball up to that point.

Not sure who is blaming the church-and no-we make bonehead plays and calls all over the field

Our total yards against Toledo was good. We move the ball. We don’t score. That’s a fact.
You and others blame the demand that head coaches be temple recommend holders and not non-members. And, the honor code.

We lose because of the offense. Gimmy touchdowns. Poor 3rd down plays and bad penalties.

It’s funny how you make outrageous statements that don’t have any truth to them at all. Is this a facet of your whole life? Just curious. Nobody I have read any posts on has blamed the church for anything. People say it makes the process of selecting great coaches more difficult when stipulations eliminate 98 percent of available candidates. Whether the honor code or being a member/recommend holder makes things more difficult is an opinion. If you had two people that ran the same speed but required one of them to wear a ten pound weight when competing against the other, the one without the weight would most likely win. Your statements about the offense costing us the three losses are so short-sighted it is like a child saying them. If the defense had played as well against Utah, Washington and Toledo in the 2nd half as they did in the first half we would have had opportunities to win also. But they didn’t-they got steamrolled with the running attack on all three occasions in the 2nd half. So the offense was culpable as the defense was also. It’s all part of being a good football team. Penalties, turnovers, bad play calling, dropped balls, failure to adjust to changes from the opposition. It’s ridiculous to surmise that we would have been 5-0 if the offense hadn’t made mistakes. BYU is not a great football team right now for many reasons-hopefully that will change and the coaches keep their jobs and everyone becomes happy

And all of this is but your opinion. Yet, I cannot have an opinion too? Sounds like our current Democrat politicians to me. The fact is, our offense ranks about 96th in scoring, 22 points per game. We get that to 32 points per game and our offense is in the field longer and the defense doesn’t get fatigued so quickly. Convert a lot more 3rd downs and the defense gets more rest. And, we have less turnovers for scores too. Understand?
And every time someone brings up head coaching requirements that reflects on the Brethren’s decision.

Obviously you can have your own opinion-everyone does-but I’m not interested in your politics and people are not finding fault with the brethren-just making sensible statements-so enough said

And BYU ranks 100 in total defense-understand?

Who said my politics? It’s just the truth and an example. And, people are clamoring for the Church to allow BYU to pay more to the coaches. But that would mean increasing the costs to go to the games as well.

And we were in the glory days as well. We gave up a lot of points then. But we just outscored opponents as well. Something that won’t help where we are now. Heck, just climb up to 50th place and we would have beat Utah and Toledo. 4-1!!!

Sr_Burton: Penalties, turnovers, bad play calling, dropped balls, failure to adjust to changes from the opposition.
Me: These are ALL hallmarks of a mediocre team and these things have plagued the program for years, not just this season. I could not believe the sloppy play and questionable coaching decisions during the Utah game - the very first game of the season. They kept repeating over and over and over that they had prepared for the Utah game ever since the last Utah game. In general, these players are older than those at other universities and should have more focus and composure but they don’t show that year in and year out. And that is on the coaches’ heads.

Right on Arkie.

I think that you know the answer to the questions which you asked which is not relative to the real issue.

Of course paying double money to the same coaches is not going to make the same coaches twice as good.

On the other hand, being able to pay a competitive stipend for the best coaches available in the country, will give you a much better chance of getting that coach than if you only offer him half or less than what he could get anywhere else.

In my 40 year career, I have met a good many people making more money that others at their level who weren’t worth a tinker’s ■■■■. For my part, I would not pay Saban or Meyer or several others all the money in the world to come coach at BYU. The lack of integrity that surrounds them would be horrible for the program and our fans.

Great points ARKIE. Sports is the kids’ super candy store, the toy department.

They wouldn’t do well coaching at BYU. All those rules and RM program at BYU is big job to deal with for them. You think Grimes would turn things around as OC is somewhat ok. Anyway, I don’t care about those guys Saban, Meyrers etc. but maybe Jim Harbaugh might work if he is okay with lower pay. I know, I am dreaming.

DEW, WHAT POSSIBLE REASON, woulf Jim Harbaugh be willing to come to BYU for a lot less pay than he could get anywhere else,
and have to deal with the missionary program, the honor code, the academic limits, and the self imposed recruiting restrictions and of the the Church Politics, when he could make at least 3-4 times more anywhere else without all the said self imposed restrictions?