Is there anything worse

than logging on to Cougarfan looking for some fresh perspectives or interesting posts and seeing something like 10 new posts, getting excited hoping that you will find what you were looking for and then being totally bummed and frustrated that all of those posts were from the same person and they consisted of the same unimaginative trolling comments that you have come to expect from that poster?

Yeah, it’s the worst.

Yep I know the feeling-it’s why I have to take a vacation from cougarfan every once in a while and regroup and try and return healed and reformed. I get the same low feelings trying to understand nitwit congressional persons

I do try to let others who may not live in Utah hear what I hear on sports talk radio from players who actually played the game. Like Hans Olsen comments.

Sorry Jim if my perspective is boring and trolling, I will return to not posting for now, it seems that my point of view seems to be “trolling” people.

hahahahaha, I was going to say the same thing. hahahahahaha. Fishin’ time!

If you think I was making reference to you Floyd, in the lyrics of a popular Judas Priest song “you got another think coming”. Your posts are just fine. :innocent: I thought the poster I was referencing was obvious… please don’t make me reveal who…

I know, I was just “yanking” your chain… :open_mouth:

Hahaha… good one. :joy: