Is there life for Wilson after all?

Anyone who saw the Sunday nite football game Kansas City vs. N.Y Jets would have to say that KC came very close to losing this game and that Wilson balled out all nite. It just may be that he is growing into the QB Jets drafted him to be.
Patrick Mahomes had a message for Zach Wilson after Chiefs held off Jets - Deseret News

Win or lose, the Jets need to open up their offense and turn Wilson loose. It will pay dividends down the road or trade him for a different qb and give that qb a dead end in New York

Its tough when the Jets fans thought they were going to the superbowl with Rodgers. That was a ridiculous notion but they believed because they are desperate. The announcers in the game are clueless. Everything Wilson did good it was a reflection of Rodgers… he looked like Rodgers on that throw, on that drive, on that scramble… etc. Rodgers scramble? I don’t think so. Wilson is younger and a much better runner with the ball. He just needs time, something Jets fans aren’t real good at giving the young QB. He may grow but he may not get the time he needs. Mahomes was very complimentary and I thank him for that. Andy Reid probably told him to say those things.

Have you not heard, after a time out the guys in the booth started discussing Wilson, and one of the commentators, Rodney Haroldson, ripped Wilson big-time calling him garbage. A list of a list NFL pros came out on Twitter and condemned Haroldson to the point he could lose his job over this.

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It was Rodney Harrison, not Haroldson… :laughing: He does’t deserve to lose his job, good grief.

I watched that game and got sick of Cris Collinsworth yapping about how bad Wilson is and how great Aaron Rodgers is and then later giving Rodgers some kind of credit for everything good Wilson was doing. It was ridiculous… “That was a Rodgers kind of throw, that drive was like Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers would have made those throws”. I think I mentioned that above.
Wilson put the ball on the hands of two different receivers in the end zone and they couldn’t make the catch. He put it the only place he could because they weren’t very open. Nice performance by Wilson, bad performance by a few of the talking heads announcing the game and interviewing players.

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Collinsworth is absolutely one of the worst NFL announcers ever. And I’m not a huge Zach Wilson fan but that stuff from Harrison was straight bush league. I’m glad he’s getting flamed from all angles for it. What a jerk.

Everyone is coming out of the brambles to throw their support for Zac, It’s cra cra. Just this week, La Bron (who I can’t stand) and now Joe Namath, who a week ago was screaming to get rip of Zac, offers his support. Amazing what one game can do.

Jets legend Joe Namath reverses course on brutal criticism of Zach Wilson: ‘I take it back’ | Fox News

Now, Zac has a lot to live up to. More pressure. Wonder if this is reverse psychology? :face_with_monocle:

I think A Rodgers told Namath to knock it off and that he wasn’t helping the team. Good for Namath to take it back. Rodgers is a stud. I’m so sad he got injured because I like Robert Saleh and hope they can win enough without Rodgers for Saleh to keep his job.