Is there some reason BYU can’t play like Boise State?

I watched a real ugly game Thursday. Home field against arch rival Utah. Stadium was full-fans were jacked-what did we get. A Utah blowout that could have been worse. Utah is really good and I don’t really mind losing to Utah because they are good-but it’s the way we lose. Steamrolled in the 2nd half-inept play calls-conservative non-aggression defense-not really using that good ol to run at the Utes. Makes you wonder what people are thinking.

Fast forward to Saturday. BSU playing P5 Florida State in Tallahassee. BSU-freshman qb and FSU jumps on them with big plays the first half 31-13-BSU rolls up a bunch of yards though-2nd half no contest-BSU doesn’t allow a point. FSU has all these big, rangy, fast athletes-yet to no avail. BSU racks up 600 yards plus for the game. BSU -MWC-smaller school, smaller stadium, lesser facilities-but they show up to play and play hard they do. What can BYU learn from a program like BSU?

Well, being a member of the Church makes it a bit harder to focus solely on Football. There’s callings, spouses and children to think about too.

That’s your answer?

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It’s true… what are other schools doing? Having drinking and sex parties? So what’s your answer?

  1. How to prepare a team, especially the first game of the season.
  2. How to coach a team to win.
  3. How to make players accountable.
    I don’t mind losing to a team that you play well and give them all they want. But I am @#$%^ angry about losing poorly to the opponent. And that happens over and over and over.

Well arkiecoug had some good points-but your points were senseless, vague and immaterial. BYU can lose to a better team and we all get that-it’s how we are prepared that everyone doesn’t get. BYU used to be always prepared and played with a chip on their shoulder, even under Mendenhall, the defense played hard and tough. It’s a lot about expecting to win and then playing like it. Whittingham said it best-“We don’t lose to BYU” and they don’t. BYU needs to get back to expectations of winning-not hoping to win. Wilson with a little more maturity can get them there-I expect that to happen. Tennessee is a much worse team than FSU-go in and blow them out and then blow out USC-it can happen-make it happen BYU


I’m not sure what the complete game plan was. My thought is the game plan was to outscore Utah on offense and the defense was to not allow the big play. 3 up and 8 back. For the most part, the defense did that. Utah got small chunks that ate up the clock. The offense gave up the ball on two pick 6’s. They fumbled on the 20, letting Utah work slowly into a touchdown. The wildcat offense gave up a fumble where we should have scored a touchdown. Wilson missed a similar snap.
Take out the 5 errors on offense and we had a sound game plan as well as the players were ready to play.
The two bad snaps were mental mistakes. The center snapped too early and QBs weren’t ready. The missed handoff was two players still not knowing each other well enough. Williams thought Wilson was keeping the ball and vice versa. The pick 6’s were Wilson trying to do too much.
That game was lost by the offense, not the defense playing hard and prepared.

BYU can learn that BSU has a great Oline that moved FSU off the line. BSU has a star QB, who played flawless and he has playmakers and speed at critical positions. BSU’s physicality wore FSU out in the 2nd half. Very few similarities between BYU and BSU. BSU would beat Utah (just may own 2 cents)

I believe all those points to be valid. BSU’s qb is designed to succeed in the system-this was his first college game as a freshman redshirt. It is much like BYU of years ago. It didn’t matter if it was Neilson, Wilson, Mac, Young, Bosco, Detmer. The system was there for them to succeed. Unfortunately, I’m not sure we have those types of coaching minds anymore.

I’m not going to quibble about your points. Obviously the mistakes by the offense hurt. The key, though for me, was the first drive of the 2nd half by Utah. They came out and rammed it down the throat of a BYU defense that was playing not to lose and pretty much dominated the 2nd half forcing BYU to into situations that led to turnovers. Momentum is key in football -Utah made the statement to start the 2nd half and told BYU “you aren’t going to beat us”

Agreed that momentum is important. And, what kills momentum? Turnovers and miscommunication between QB and RB and Center. Also, forcing passes getting pick 6’s.
As for Utah ramming the ball down our throats, they had no choice because we took away their big play offense. That’s my take on it.

It really is mind blowing that BSU got so far behind FSU and then just took over the 2nd half. I watched the entire game. All the commentators could do was gush over the BSU QB. His first game? WOW.

personally, I was more impressed with BSU’s Oline. They blew FSU up.

There are a few reasons why BYU is not like BSU.

  1. Academic Standards are harder to get into BYU than BSU. So the recruiting class is smaller
  2. BOT decision to develop “Young Men” instead of producing a Football team (under Bronco Mendenhall time)
  3. restriction of recruiting based on points 1 and 2.
  4. Coaching experience - Currently a lot of coaches are not as experienced as the Coaches at BSU

WOW! I agree on absolutely none of your points. As a coach and a mentor you should be able to develop young men and football players. As was stated on BYU Sports Nation a couple of days ago, the most recognized part of the Church is BYU Football. I would hope we are still developing good young men.