Is TJ Haws deserving of first team all WCC accolades

He has to have stamina to play here and do well on both ends of the court, but he doesn’t!

So did TJ make honorable mention this season?

Does that mean he is worse or does it just mean others are better or is he becoming more of a team player, which is never rewarded in all conference teams.

They had all league teams for the local high school here. There were 7 teams in the league and they had first team, second team and honorable mention and there were 35 players on those teams.

It doesn’t mean much when half the players in the entire league make some kind ot all league team. In today’s world everyone is a winner but truly nobody seems to be.

He should have never made 1st team last year! I really couldn’t believe it. Hopefully TJ hits the weight room this entire off season and comes back with 20 lbs more muscle next year.

Everyone gets a participation trophy. The liberal socialist hijacking of greatness.

Everyone has been getting a medal at the Olympics since the modern Olympics were invented. Of course people only keep track of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Not the participation one, Copper i think. You can look it up…ie liberal socialists didn’t come up with the idea.

Anyway, the WCC names 10 all conference, five second team, honorable mention and a freshman team…The frosh frequently overlap. In any event WCC doesn’t give participation awards…unless you consider that only about a third of the starters actually participated this year…which may be the case.