Is TJ Haws deserving of first team all WCC accolades

So I remember last season when TJ was given all wcc honors and he was pre season first team all wcc with 9 other players.

My question, at this point, is not whether he earned it but rather whether he is going to show at some point during this season that he is worthy of it. I know Schroyer is saying that he is a much better player this season but that is probably coach speak again. I don’t see it yet. I don’t think he is contributing that much, especially when he is playing 33 minutes a game.

At this point in the season it is obvious that Rose is going to go with the players he likes so TJ needs to step up and help the team win games like Pacific (7 pts) SMC (7 pts) UTA (11 pts) and Alabama (9 pts) just isn’t going to cut it. Let’s just hope that the other players Rose likes and insists on playing can step up at some point too.

Seljaas - 22 min. three 3 pointers taken in first 4 conf. games
Hardnett - 26 min - 2 assists a game?
Cannon - 23 min - big start, disappeared now.
Nixon - 18 min - can’t help on the bench
Worthington - 15 min - how much can he really do

Every one of these players gets more than double the minutes that Dastrup gets so maybe Rose’s favorites can keep the team from losing to the likes of Pacific, Santa Clara, San Diego and Pepperdine (lost 4 of last 6 vs. the Waves) the rest of the season.

I predict a win vs. Pepperdine who is 0-4 in conf. and 3-13 overall. No way BYU loses this game, right?

no BYU wins big and then all the fears go away and everything looks blue again until the next fiasco. the sad thing, is, i really like this team. they are unselfish, play together, are supportive of one another. i just wonder why they choke games away and not just this year and Haws is often the 4th best guard on the court, but he is a likable kid, but to me, it seems like he and Seljaas have high school bodies in a college game. i dont know but i wish them well

T.J. Haws has some obvious talent but his performance this year is not remotely close to that of an all conference player up to this point. I think he has the talent to be a great player but isn’t close to one yet.

As to the rest of the so-called favorites:

Seljaas - Is good when he can hit his shot Dastrup should get much more time. I don’t think Seljaas defense is as bad as some say it is. From what I have seen he doesn’t hurt the team when he isn’t expected to guard post players a lot bigger or wing players quicker than he is.
Hardnett - He has quickness and plays good defense and can take it to the basket… His outside shot is subpar. Overall I like him.
Cannon - I like him. He takes care of the basketball, plays solid D, and hustles. I wasn’t expecting anything from him this year anyway, or any year, for that matter. With Emery not playing and Haws not performing up to expectations I am glad BYU has him. I don’t think he hurts BYU and he isn’t taking minutes from Dastrup because their roles are entirely different.
Nixon - Right now he is injured so no comment, He seemed to be a good role player when he was healthy. Dastrup should be getting the 18 minutes he got before he was injured.
Worthington - He has improved a lot from his first two years at BYU but he is really a guy who should play no more than 15 minutes. I don’t see him as a starter but I think he can play a role off the bench and not hurt the team. Ideally he should be a 10 minute guy. Dastrup should get more minutes than Worthington.

Those are my thoughts for whatever they are worth. I hope Rose is reading and takes them to heart. :slightly_smiling_face:

My father went to the St. Mary’s game in Provo. He told me that he was very impressed with Haws. I have been very critical of him, but my dad told me that he is hustling, trying to play defense, passing, and being an all-around better team player. An old-fashioned type myself, this has led to me being more impressed with Haws. He’s not trying to be our leading scorer; he’s trying to help us win and he’s trying to be a better basketball player.

I think the new approach for Cougar basketball will pay off. Team ball, defense, hustle, and desire.

And yes, Jim, I think this is the main thing holding Dastrup back.

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I have been a big fan of Marty Haws when he played and his boys. I have enjoy Tyler. TJ does work hard and I wish he would find his space in making his shots “3’s”. I haven’t seen him making big plays much throwing a pass for a big slam dunk like he did with Mika. Maybe Heath Schoyer said “no more fancy pass.”
I said it before and will say it again. DASTRUP needs more playing time to get a feel of what he is suppose to do and get better. And no Dave Rose does not read any social media about our opinion.

Do you remember his big choke against Alabama-Birmingham (when a win would have ranked us #1)? We were down like 20-0 to start, and he stole and had an easy fast break layup — and missed. It was one of those games, and they all played tight.

Marty Haws was great. How that team with Chatman, Haws, Smith, and Toolson didn’t go further than they did, I don’t know.

I agree completely with you. You understand basketball and how coaching affects the game. It will take this year for guys who played in the go fast of last 6 years to be comfortable in the slowdown offense and more aggressive defense. Haws is having the most difficulty. Dastrup is too. But, with Dastrup, in the last 1 and a half games he has made mistakes the cost him playing time. Hopefully tonight he can play better and get more time.

Excellent analysis. The fact Jim didn’t know why Nixon wasn’t playing suggests he’s just blowing off steam and emotional rather than reasonable and logical :crazy_face:

what gives you that idea? I know he is injured. Frustrating…

My logic is undeniable:slight_smile:

I do remember about that UAB game (google 2/6/1988). Can’t remember how it started out in the game. We were so close cracking the #1 spot but oh well. We started out 17-0 before facing UAB and 9-6 to the end with overall 26-6. So it started out 0-20 with UAB which I really don’t rember that one nor Marty missing for easy layup. We had a good run anyway. We made it 2nd round of ncaa and losing to Louisville which I do remember that. Nathan Call was on that team too and he was good. Not sure why we don’t hear anything about him.

Haws is much better this year. His assist to turnover ratio is off the charts. He is no longer taking ridiculous or poor shots. My only grip with “Church Money” is that he and Seljaas are playing D1 basketball with HS bodies. For BYU to be competitive night in and out, we have to have other guys that can go off for 20 when Yo or Eli have a sub par night…I believe that Haws can do it.

Now that we have lost our annual “bottom Feeder” game, I’m not so intense about Ws and just hope to see steady improvement for any post season play that comes our way.

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Fish, I like your posts a lot and I’m usually right there with you, but having been “skinny” throughout and about 12 years beyond high school, I know what it’s like to just be skinny no matter what you do. How are you proposing Haws gain weight? I used to eat a lot and lifted weights, but still couldn’t gain much. I don’t have that problem anymore, unfortunately; but when a guy is running up and down a court the way Haws does, I don’t see how he gains that much when his body just isn’t wired to do that. I’m sure he lifts weights with the team and all, but come on: some people just can’t put on weight early in their lives.

Thats what the off season is for and I’ve seen lots of skinnies bulk up and get strong-me being one. Its a matter of diet, weights, and reduced cardio, but your right, impossible during the season. But then again, I can’t imagine him not being under the influence of a high level trainer, so maybe you are right!

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I have ignored about when you guys kept saying TJ need to bulk up. Not going to happen just like when I was his age. Yeah, I have to watch my diet now that I am 61. I smiled when you guys bring it up and I was thinking back when Shawn Bradley couldn’t bulk up when Philadelphia 76ers were feeding him everything they can in his body. Nope, it didn’t work on Shawn either. TJ is doing fine on many things but he needs to find his space on his 3’s.

We’ve had a lot of skinny kids do really well. Remember the Bigelow kid?

“Bulking up” isn’t the be all and end all some make it out to be. TJ isn’t playing in the NBA. He can become a good college player, and doesn’t have to “bulk up” to do that.

He was a good player too

[quote=“fish, post:12, topic:7812”]
I believe that Haws can do it.
[/quote]I firmly believe we need to slap TJ in the face before tip and tell him he’s a crap player, a filthy ginger, and an awful person. Stoke the rage and give him the first three shots.

Some people have different zones and his zone is wrath.

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The vote for Haws as first team WCC was a huge error. He is unable to spend time scoring on offense because he actually is expected to play defense this year. He still is an average D player but he is better than last year by far. The trade off is he is not anywhere close to strong enough to be both an average D player and a good offensive player. But he is a favorite of Rose so he gets tons of minutes.

Some guys are weight room rats, some guys are gym rats. TJ comes from a gym rat family known for its 6 am shooting workouts. It got Tyler Haws into pro ball in Europe and TJ is better. Better in every aspect of the game except shooting 3s, Tyler has a better % from 3. TJ can penetrate, create shots, far and away a better assist guy and far better at D then his older brother. TJ was better in HS and will be better in College…Having said that, Tyler is struggling in the pros because his body breaks down, too much grind and pounding. Its like making a thorough breed do the work of a draft horse.
TJ needs to add muscle in his core and upper body if he wants to take his game to the next level. Yes, you can get by being skinny in college but you can’t in the pros.

loved this, TJ smolders out there, so so competitive and that is why we need him on the court- and maybe give some of that to Dastrup.