Is Utah shaking in their boots?

Ah, the matchup I have hoped for. Gonzaga vs Utah. Yep Saturday I am a Bulldog. I hope the Zags spank those pagens.

Don’t wish for something if you aren’t sure you will be happy with the result.

Think about the outcome if Gonzaga beats Utah…

The farther Gonzaga goes, the more you are going to hear from Few about how the wcc stinks and the bottom feeders need to step up and stop taking the money that Gonzaga brings in every year. The farther they go, the less likely BYU will realistically challenge them next season and thereafter, for a wcc title or tourney championship. The farther they go, the more popularity they gain and soon the term “america’s team” rings across the entire country, not just the western U.S. The farther they go, the more entrenched they become as the wcc’s annual entry into the ncaa tournament.

Don’t be so anxious to see the Utes lose if you aren’t willing to live with the consequences…

What, you can’t handle the fact GU is better than you thought :smile:
BYU will do just fine next year. And so will the rest of the league that has won its 1st three games in post season :wink:

Nobody cares and it won’t have any effect on anything that happens next season. Even if BYU and St. Mary’s make it to New York for the semi finals, nobody will care except BYU and St. Mary’s fans. Do you know who won the NIT last season or who was in the final four? Yeah… I didn’t think so.

Gonzaga isn’t better than I thought. They played a team that travelled across the country to play a game and had some pretty bad losses this past season. Seton Halls run through the big east tourney helped that conference get 5 invites… every league does what they have to in order to maximize their income. But you still don’t believe there is any conspiracy out there? Is there a conspiracy to devalue the wcc? I mean you have kind of suggested that is what is taking place, so if it isn’t a conspriacy, what is it?

Sour grapes and you are wrong. Next year will be different. You’ll see.

Is this 2013? or is it 2014, 15? oh wait, it’s 2016!

I hear the same thing every year and so often that I’ve lost track. It all just sort of mixes up into one big vat of “wait till next year”. Maybe you are right about the sour grapes, but only in the context that they have turned into a huge vat of wine now. :unamused:

You do know that even losing KC, the team talent level is going way up. Maybe you don’t. The question will be whether or not Rose can handle a team full of talent.

Is this the new ready made excuse for next year when they lose to Gonzaga in the wcc tourney or finish third in the regular season? As long as you continue to deny the influential factors that I have pointed out for years now, you will always be looking for new ones or for the same, tired ones like “missed easy shots and layups” when they lose a game by 4 points.

Let’s just wait until next year, right?

Not anymore than your ready made excuses.

There is a big difference between an excuse and an explanation. I explain, you excuse. Capiche?

Actually you have that backwards. Conspiracies are excuses for poor play :wink:

Nice try yet again… it sounds good to you when you say it, but there is no basis in fact for the comment. I have never excused BYU for their poor play this season. In fact, I was a major critic of their selfish play throughout the season. Fischer was a mess to start the season but he got it figured out and was much better. The obsession with KC and his triple doubles was a distraction as far as I’m concerned. Emery, at times, played like he thought he was the second coming of Jimmer. Conspiracy? you like to throw that word around a lot, way more than I do honestly. I report what I see and try to understand why it happens. When BYU plays poorly, I call them out. When they play well and lose, I try to figure out why. Sometimes they are simply beaten by a team that played better, sometimes there are other reasons… the kind that you don’t understand. Not that backwards or confusing.

You excuse poor play every time you mention refs and commissioner and everything else besides poor play. I define losses by poor play: missed layups, missed FT, Turnovers…

selective memory at work? particularly with a post immediately following my comments about how I critiqued their poor play for much of the season.

Like Reed and Craig said… some solid political beliefs but your commentary on college basketball is confusing to say the least.

Even with posts about the team’s play, you simply can’t help yourself to also get a dig in at the refs and league love of GU. And that’s almost every post :slight_smile:

Yep, because I know what is coming at the end of every season. It is so easy to predict.

I live with Utards and they are dinks. Another slaughter is the perfect thing for them. I guarantee that Gonzaga knows what is coming next year. BYU will finally have bigs to go with great guards. You can bet Few knows. BYU is upgrading to the max.

I used to hope Utah would win when they weren’t playing the Y or USAFA, but with Kry’s shenanigans. It did my heart good to see the score.

And even better it looks like the Zags might be able to go deep instead of just the sweet…

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