It’s the Potato Bowl!

Looking forward to one more game and that being a bowl game! Western Michigan is a good team. My first year coaching basketball at St. Bonaventure High School was an assistant to the current Western Michigan Basketball Coach.

We are one of the worst bowl-eligible teams. So being in the worst bowl possible is a natural fit.

Hopper, maybe you could use your friendship with the W Mich bb coach to see if he would be willing to move to Provo??? I hear through the grapevine BYU can use a bb coach!!!

Why did you use the specific name of the persons wedding reception you were at? That just seems a little weird. Why do I ask? becuase her brother is sitting here in my house playing video games with my kid and he thought it was weird.

Anyhow, carry on.

Soon to be one of the best teams!!!

Have to get him baptized first :slight_smile:

I truly hope so.

Because you know them. Making a mountain out of a grain is sand?

Amen, Boise Cougar. Idaho in December. BYU better wear their snow suits,boots, hats and gloves. It is what we deserve being 6 and 6.

I remember games at BYU in the late 70’s where it was snowing? Should be a fun time! Go Cougars!!!

How did BYU even get invited to a bowl game?

Why would anyone buy an overpriced ticket to watch a game in sub freezing temperatures? I might tune in to the tv out of curiosity but I have no real interest in who wins.

I do. We did what was necessary to be invited to a bowl game. And, the fact we didn’t last year I’m proud of my Alma Mater improving. Go Cougars!!!

Before all the greed took over, I remember in my teens and young adulthood, that teams would refuse to go to a bowl game with a 9 and 2 record and some elites would not go with a 10 and 1 record. Oh well, who will remember whether the Y wins or loses. But they get some extra practices which they probably need for next year. To bad the BYU 2 premier sports programs are so mediocre.

I wonder how many Trolls will be there? How many Yuppers?

That was a rarity that a team would do that. And, I felt that was just a slap on the face to the kids and unwarranted misplaced pride by the coach. It was worse pride than the so-called corruption (capitalism).

The real benefit for the bowl game, is that the team gets an additional month to practice.

I know some coaches uses that time to help develop the freshman and sophomores for next year. Don’t know if Kalani is one of those type coaches though.

I have no real interest watching the game, mostly because I have had to deal with some life issues that came unexpectedly.

It might be a time to take your mind off things and relax. That’s sort of the benefit of watching sports. That’s why the Kapernick stuff was so bad.

Read somewhere about the Bowls Selection day. And BYU came close not getting in, in any bowl games. Frisco Bowl was leaning to take BYU but took SDSU instead. The Funeral (oops, Famous) Potato Bowl was suppose to take one of MWC bottom feeder which WYO thought they were going to go there. Instead Boise Potato Bowl wanted BYU instead which makes sense when comes to Money Buinsess & BYU fans filling up there stadium. You know it is good that we are playing so that way our players getting more practice and stay in shape.
Should BYU players wear all blue outfit on this Smurf Turf?

It was actually ESPN pulling some strings to get BYU into that bowl… Well according to the talking heads on Sports Radio.

I figured ESPN was part of this too.