It's almost halftime... any thoughts on how the game is going?

I know the grasshopper will comment that BYU is missing lots of easy shots, layups, free throws, etc. and he is correct. I have also seen Va. Tech doing the same thing. It is something that happens in every game. I think the officiating has been pretty fair and balanced. The game is even so far.

VT isn’t missing layups. Have you noticed that? The announcer is even commenting on the layups missed. We should be up by 20

Actually they are. They are making a lot of layups because they go to the basket better than BYU does. They have missed their fair share too.

I don’t think the refs are influencing the game toward one team or the other. It seems totally fair and balanced. That is the main reason BYU is up by four… the missed easy shots aren’t causing them to be behind or lose…

So, you can’t see that if they made the easiest uncontested layups (6) then we would be up by 16.

Yes, I can see that. But don’t forget to add the missed shots (and layups occasionally) by VT.

I do recognize and acknowledge what you are saying. It can get pretty bad at times. A lot of the missed shots and layups are being swatted away and defended well. BYU hasn’t played an athletic team like this all season.

We aren’t getting any loose balls either.

Too many whistles being blown. This is going to end up being a free throw shooting contest instead of a basketball game.

This game is like a prizefight between two heavyweight champions. Back and forth, blow for blow.

Terrible decision by Fischer to shoot that 3… no need for that shot, trying to be the hero.

Terrible decision by Fischer to go inside and get swatted… no need for that shot, trying to be the hero.

Fischer… come on man. Timeout called from the bench and Rose is fuming. That was a mistake by the officials and the coach or VT.

Emery… come on man. Almost a 3 point play, luckily he fouled another freshman.

BYU is going to pull out the win. Free throws make all the difference in the end.

Free throws always do. Ya, we were winded too. Those drives by KC and Fischer were fatigue decisions. But, we won. They were tough.

That is how a game should be played and officiated. Let the players decide the outcome… back and forth, the crowd was so loud . Tech stayed right there the entire game. That is the kind of basketball game we don’t get to see much of in the wcc. Just another reason why BYU should not be playing in high school gyms.

Thanks to the officials, thanks to Virginia Tech and BYU for making it such an entertaining game.

Does anyone know if/when the game will be re-broadcast on BYUTv?