It's Game week, get your picks on the record

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Get out your crystal ball, magic eight ball, tarot cards and read your palms (but no wegi boards) - whatever it takes.
It’s time to get on the record of how good a prognosticator you are. Down a quart of blue kool-aid before as required. You can even ask someone which team color they like the best to pick your games (reconsider your pronouns if use this method).

Here are mine from last April. Not changing a thing!

Win first 2, then,

W @ Ark - yes- really
W @ KS
W Cinn (Cinny not ready for prime time)
(That’s 5-0 and a #13 ranking)
L @TCU (like old times)
W TTech (Red Raiders from Lubbock won’t live up to the hype. But be nice, they live in West Texas)
W @ UTexas (old times) Huge upset. Sink the Sark!
L @ WVirg (too far away-hillbilly factor - queue up Deliverance theme song)
W Iowa St
W OU (parting gift beating)
9 and 3
6 and 3 in big12
#15 final ranking
Notice losses are all after Huge wins.
It’s aggressive but within the range of reasonable. I think

We will go 12-0 and be ranked #1 yee haaa!