It's Jimmer time, again

Jimmer is on FIRE (you can even see him throw it down) in the D league. Time to conjecture on if he will find his way back into the NBA.

I say yes. The GM of the Knicks, Houston, says Yes. What say you?

You can go to the Weschester Knicks’ site and stream any of their games live or replay. I’ve watched a bit of several of them. Jimmer is regaining his confidence. He is completely dominating his competition–on one hand it seems D league guys wouldn’t care about playing D, but on the other hand they all still believe they can get to the League so you’d think they would play real hard. If you watch you can see J is striving to beat the rep of a being a guy who can only shoot 3’s. He does dominate the ball a lot, and I think that he will have to find an NBA team who believes he can succeed with the ball in his hands, because he really struggled in roles designed to have him off the ball. D League guys make $25k year plus housing allowance, so I give him credit for trying to get back to the league instead of taking $500k or so to go play in Italy.

I’ve always thought that Jimmer would do well in the NBA if he had fair shot. Look at Brooks from Oregon, That dude has never played any D and yet he gets plenty of time at the point just because he can drive and score.

Jimmer needs to be a back up guard where he can take over for 5 minutes at a time while resting the starter. He can keep his teams in the game and score with the best of em.

tlarimer: I enjoyed your post about the Jimmer playing for the Westchester Knicks. I really hope that he makes it with the NY Knicks or Brooklyn. I think he could be happy in NYC, being an up-state New Yorker and all. To me the Jimmer either played for at least two terrible organizations like Sac-town and New Orleans and really wasn’t needed in Chicago given the situation and/or the NBA does a lot of reverse discrimination on lilly-white Mormons. I am not sure what the case is, but I do suspect some discrimination, given the Jimmer’s talents and his drive to play well.But we shall see, I will give the NBA the benefit of the doubt and we shall see what happens after the D-League “showcase,” which does feature the Jimmer.