I've been thinking about buy weeks

I may have opened my mouth before totally thinking this one through. Look at the timing of the buy this year and also look at the timing of the buy next year. They both occure at very pivitol recruiting times for high school players. Giving coaches access to these players, especially the key players, you need to build the needs of the team is critical to future success. Therefore, I say to the coaches and AD, I am sorry for my inappropriate criticism of your scheduling of buy weeks.

Are you thinking about “sell” weeks too? I know you have talked about the economic crash and when it will happen, etc. as well.

In this case, the weeks you are speaking of are “bye” weeks, not B-U-Y but B-Y-E.

Sorry, not intending to be the grammar police here, just thought I’d let you know. :smile:

By, bye, buy…to, too and two…
The English language is a conspiracy to slam the spelling challenged people of this country :slight_smile:

Maybe he was talking about getting more players. We should probably refer to this as recruiting weeks instead of buy weeks. It might give the impression we are paying the players. :wink:

As you can see I was trying to get it right. In previous thoughts I did spell it as bye. I have always believed that the Bye week meant that it was your turn to pay for the refs, is that a mistaken thought about the term (Bye or Buy) how ever you use it?

It was a good thought. NOT! :smile:
It’s okay, I’m not a great speller either and Jim has pounced on me as well. I just wait for him to error or come up with another one of his silly conspiracy theories.