Jake Heaps drafted into the NFL

Does anyone ever question why Jake Heaps was not good enough to play at BYU but he was good enough to be drafted into the NFL?

Does anyone wonder why, after failing at BYU, a 5 star player takes so long at getting his own self esteem back, that he often fails at other Universities like Jake and Ben Olson?, or finally gets that self esteem back after a long time, and does get drafted into the NFL? (Jake Heaps).

Why is it that we do a pretty good job with 3 star of less players, but can not develop the 4-5 star athlete to their highest potential and/or expectations? (Apo)

Is there anything to the old story that a student is limited only by his/her teachers ability to teach?

Is there anything to the old story that a teacher teaches those best that rise to the ability of the teacher but the teacher fails at developing the student that has the higher potential than the teacher?

Is there a reason why the best teams in the nation are coached by the best coaches in the nation, while the mid major teams in the nation are coached by the mid-major coaches of the nation.

What is our next step at BYU to get our cougars to the next level?

See what I mean about perception and understanding?

Ron is claiming that Jake Heaps was “drafted” into the nfl and wants to know why BYU fails players like him.

This example can certainly apply to so many other aspects of our lives. That is the point I have been trying to make with MikeH for the last several days/weeks.

This is information for Ron -

The Jets 2015 draft class included
Leonard WIlliams - USC
Devin Smith - Ohio State
Lorenzo Mauldin - Louisville
Bryce Petty - Baylor (a qb by the way)
Jarvis Harrison - Texas A&M
Deon Simon - Northwestern State (La.)

I believe Heaps was brought into camp to have another arm (yes, he can throw the ball) to help check out the potential receivers. There is a longshot chance that he will make the team, but not very likely, based on this information.

Now these are facts that I have interpreted. Are they absolutely true? To an extent, yes… but not entirely.

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