Jamal Williams, true BYU mascot

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As a fan, as a former HC, and as a father of a player, I am SOOOO proud that we can call Jamaal “ours.” From the moment I first saw him play, JSwagDaddy, or “BabyJ” as he was dubbed as a 17 year old freshman BYU, has been my favorite BYU player of all time. He is a coach’s DREAM. He is a DREAM teammate. He plays with a love for his teammates and for the game that 99% of players simply don’t understand, much less emulate.

I stood and cheered yesterday when Jamaal earned 50 TOUGH second half yards yesterday and two TDs to carry the Lions to the upset W and a winning season after starting 1-6.

Jamaal becomes a FA on March 1st. Lions fans will lose their minds if they don’t re-sign him; Lions fans love him every bit as BYU fans did.