Jan 3 interview with Coach Pope


Pope had a nice interview. Covered several topics.

  • Knell update - Had his first full practice (I assume Knell is at least a couple weeks out from returning)
  • Role of Spencer Johnson on the team
  • Team Character
  • Several minutes on what Fous means to the team
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Spencer Johnson is invaluable to the team as a leader and our best defender and statistical scorer. Vs. LMU last night he was challenged, At times he was on LMU’s point guard, a handful by any defender. Others’ he was outweighed by 50 lbs. They just walked him in. LMU is not a good team, he just play harder at home.

Knell, has been away from the game for a year now. How he gets minutes, I don’t know? He is a senior, very important. He is a 3 point specialist, not so important. Not a good defender. So how does Knell fit in. We already start 2 three point specialists, Robinson and Waterman, Robinson is changing his game and driving more. a good defender as well. Waterman just wastes his stature. Does not like a inside game, at 6’11. Sad!

Would I put Knell in over Fr. Saunders? Saunders is a hustle machine on O and D. much better defender over Knell. Stuwart got benched when Johnson came back, will Saunders sit if Knell starts playing? I think that is a mistake.

Scary that Pope has to fool around with rotations in league play. It happened last year as well. The portal is screwing everything up. I would have my 8 guys in cement by now. 5 starters and 3 really good reserves. Not 9 or 10 we’ll have in another week. The more guys you have to sub in, the more we look like pick up games with poor flow.

If we could get some one and doners that would help. Big name schools have. Even dealing with this kind of musical chairs for a long time. Maybe with the NIL more players will stay in college longer.

Knell has another year if he doesn’t play this year. After last nights loss, he should sit and play next year.