Jaren Hall Article.. Interesting

I read this article about if Jaren Hall has what it takes to be an NFL player.

while reading it, this comment from Roderick which I thought was interesting:

“His deep ball throws are just so on the money,” Roderick said. “I have gotten some comments on balls being underthrown, and I want people to know we are doing that on purpose. … Jaren has a knack for putting deep balls where our guys can come back to it and get it, and where defenders can’t see it.”

He’s got a great knack for knowing how to underthrow those, how to back-shoulder them, where to put them,” Roderick said. “It is as good as I’ve ever seen.”

Here is the article:
BYU football: Jaren Hall is hitting stride, but is he NFL-ready yet? - Deseret News

So am getting this right, that all the short passes to the receivers are intentional?

A lot of them are. Zac Wilson was better in my opinion. At the same time, there are times this year that Hall needed to throw it sooner and/or farther to lead a receiver who has beaten their defenders. Hall has gotten a lot better on the back shoulder throws and throwing short when needed. His 59% average against Virginia still shows he needs a lot more work and experience.

Floyd_Edwards: " . . . Roderick said. “I have gotten some comments on balls being underthrown, and I want people to know we are doing that on purpose."

Me: I personally am not qualified to say yeah or nay about this. On their Unrivaled radio show last night on KSL, Scott Mitchell vehemently debunked what Roderick said. Don’t know whether Mitchell right or wrong but he was an NFL QB for several years. So tear into that piece of meat.

That is kind of what I was feeling myself. I think there would be so many downsides to throwing low to people (like receivers not being able to catch the ball). I just thought that comment was clear out in left field, like he (Roderick) was trying to cover for Hall.

Thanks for posting what Mitchell said, I don’t usually listen to sports talk in the afternoon. So it is good to hear what other people say.

Intentionally underthrowing back shoulder sideline routes: I’m buying that. Coached from middle school through the pros.

Intentionally underthrowing deep seam routes, post routes, or go routes with the ball thrown to the inside: yeah, right. Wait a second–I need to stop laughing hysterically so that my hands don’t shake while I type. Just more coach speak covering for a player. OC to WR: “NEVER SLOW DOWN–I want you to blow by your guy and beat him deep.” OC turns to QB: “Hey, when the WR does what I just told him to do, I want you to underthrow him so that the DB who just got his a$$ beat has a chance to make the play.” Ohhhhhh-kaaaaaaayyyy…

I’ve seen Hall do just that with success including in the UV game. Certainly when the WR beats the DB throw long…

BTW: Apparently Scott Mitchell and another KSL guy (sorry, cannot remember his name now) recently started their Unrivaled radio show on 1280 The Zone from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. but I guess they play 2 hours of it back on KSL from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Tom, I was quite surprised by the comment from Roderick. It almost seems to me that he is “covering” for Hall who basically is not a fluid passer, rarely hits the receiver in stride and either overthrows or underthrows his passes.
Hall has his talents, and maybe there was more to his injuries than what was let on. But if he can’t throw the long ball, what happened to using our Tight ends with short routes?

Issac Rex is a stud who is hardly used this year, Hoaker is the real deal as well. Interesting the TE’s are not being utilized this year.

Rex: NFL body, speed, hands, and athleticism.
I’m baffled and dismayed–you choose the verb–that Rex has been so rarely targeted. I recognize–and as a long-time coach LOVE–that Rex is also a devastating blocker. Last year Mason Wake was the “extra” blocker on max protect, but this year it’s been Rex.

I’m not criticizing Roderick, who has 4 outstanding WRs this year to use whereas last year he had only 3, which left lots of routes for Rex to run–just personal preference/opinion here. I thought we would see more sets with Wake or Holker as the max protect guy with Rex in the slot, but all year it’s been Rex blocking. I still think that Rex is too great a weapon to not be targeted. He is both bigger and faster than Bushman, who is playing on Sundays.

With all of that said, we just simply haven’t had enough time of possession this year for these guys to all have the opportunities they would like.

He’s a sophomore. I think he has the talent to get better.

Is he a:
True Sophomore?
Redshirt Sophomore?
Covid-19 Sophomore?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Doesn’t matter. He came in with a few games under his belt. Would you say the same thing about Steve Young or others who redshirted? No. Then why Hall?

I think Floyd was joking…all the class rankings are totally confusing now…I confirmed with a senior athletic department official just yesterday that even a redshirt last year doesn’t count as a redshirt…

Yeah, I thought the same, especially when he added 9 ROFL faces to his post. I guess Hopper missed that. It is always comical how much the Hopper misses. He is so caught up in trying to give dissenting opinions and arguing with everyone that he misses the humor so often found in others posts. :flushed:

Hey at least I tried to show I was being a bit sarcastic… Sometimes, It just is not enough!

Also somewhat befuddled.

As for Hall as an NFL QB, I had compared him to a superbowl QB out of Seattle but with a weaker arm. Hall does not have zip on the ball, more like Detmer’s, arc that baby in. He is very accurate but the NFL is soooooo much faster, Hall would get picked off would be my take. Same reason why Detmer, a Heisman, could not make it as a starter in the NFL.

my take as well, where is Bushman playing?

Bushman is with the Las Vegas Raiders, last I heard he was on the 53 man roster as a backup.

I agree on the topic of using the tight ends more. Their routs are often a bit more time consuming to develop and I just don’t believe Hall is that comfortable with being in the pocket yet. Romney would use the tight ends more. Roderick doesn’t seem as comfortable as Grimes was with using them, but we need to use them more.

Agree with you Fish on Halls prospects at this point. Not only does he throw balls behind his receivers when he shouldn’t but he will also over throw guys who are wide open and only 10- 20 yards down field. He is an excellent athlete but is he durable enough? I think these are questions that pro scouts will look at and I am not convinced that Romney isn’t the better starter for this team …… which is a bit strange considering Hall’s QB rating being so good. But having 2 QB’s is great. Just hope Romney doesn’t leave.

A lot to chew on here. Sitake has said several times that Hall’s running is why he started ahead of Romney. Baylor is the better passer, no doubt, and has never lost a BYU game he started in. After the Va game, and 700+ yds of offense, I won’t gripe on if Hall should start. Doubt anyone has a bigger D1 game in college this year

USC awaits