Jaxon Dart, USC/Corner Canyon makes a visit to BYU

5-Star Transfer Jaxson Dart Makes Surprising Visit (thespun.com)

He wouldn’t be coming here to visit unless he was serious.

I don’t see how Sitake would ever sit Hall, who;s been in the system for 4 years now, for a transter. I don’t see Dart sitting a year to wait “his time”.

I don’t see Conover sticking around to be replaced by a Johnny come Lately.

Agreed. No way a kid with that ego (in a good way) and pedigree is gonna sit at BYU when he can start at Ole Miss or whatever.

I think Dart transfer to BYU, and I don’t think Hall or Conover are going to be happy.

There’s a basketball game on. BYU stinking in the first half

I posted at halftime. This is a football topic.

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I hope you are right. Can’t have too many good players. Dart stunk against BYU but had a couple very impressive games before his star WR London got hurt. Looks like he will be a really good player.

Dart is an elite level QB. He is better than Hall. I would be happy to get him to BYU. We will see where this goes.


But I am not sure Dart would want to come here, when he could pretty much start at other schools.

I am not sure Steve Young would look good with the Mess that is currently at USC. :open_mouth:

Dart was recruited 1st by BYU and is very tight with Aaron Roderick. His family is here, he is from the same HS as Wilson. I would be putting him on a hot line with Wilson to ‘feel’ out his BYU experience.

Would you want to play in front of your family? Hmmmm, I stand by my first reaction. Dart would not make the visit unless he was serious.

Dart is riding the NIL pipeline and his rating went up after his selfie with Lane Kiffin went viral. He is worth about 90k in NIL right now. BYU may not be able to lure him but it would be fun!

BYU still in running for Dart!

I am not saying it is not serious, but I think the other schools offer him a better chance of starting right away. Where at BYU, he would probably sit.

If playing in front of his family is important, then why did he go to USC in the first place.?

Just for Clarity sake:
Dart played for three years at Roy High School and transferred his Senior year to Corner Canyons (which would have been the year after Zac Wilson left). The Coach at CC is Kjar which he is known for producing some really good QB’s. Kjar has had three consecutive D! QB’s from his program (Wilson (BYU), Dart (USC), Brown (Ohio State)). Pretty impressive!

I don’t know Dart, so my opion really does not matter.
But to make BYU a visit, says the following to me:
He went to the bright lights of USC, Wilson was selected #2 after Dart was already enrolled at USC, Wilson says, hey, nothing like having your family at your games. BYU is QB University. Dart sees the B 12 invite, the ESPN connection to BYU and it all makes sense.
He will not be making the $$ from NIL at BYU. He knows Riley is bringing his QBs with him, so he enters the Portal. Knews what he will get at BYU, lots of friends there but not the $$ market as SEC or other school offers, he’s chewing hard back and forth.

Would Dart sit behind Hall? Would Sitake open up the QB comp? Dart would outgun Hall in a NY minute, not even close but can he run the team as well as Hall has. The plot thickens.

The intrigue gives us football thoughts to stew on during the off season…I love it…I get a lot of “inside” information about BYU sports, but this is a situation where I’m not even going to bother my contacts by asking, because it’s likely not even Dart knows what he’s going to do.

Did you see this article?

Quarterback transfers 2022: Many high-profile QBs on the move | Opinion - Deseret News

Seems to me that Dart is not unusual in his transfer stuff.

It seemed like a lot of QBs were using the portal, but I was surprised to see the numbers. It seems almost every 4 and 5 star QB who does not start, goes into the portal immediately. Frankly it’s understandable…the vast majority of these kids choose their college using a vastly different criteria than “normal” student. Their decisions are based almost entirely on their perception of the football program and their football career–which I believe is in part fueled by a very healthy dose of overpromising by recruiters. If they go to XYZ State U only for football, and football isn’t working out, by all means they should transfer. As long as coaches have guaranteed long-term contracts and yet can bail at will to “transfer” to another school, the players should be able to do the exact same thing.

Here’s a very analytical article about Dart’s options.
BYU football: Do Cougars need to land quarterback from transfer portal? - Deseret News

As suspected, Dart left USC because Rialey had his QB follow him. The same can be said about the new OK coach. Kiffin may have settled on Daniels,
"OU is happy with their transfer commit in Gabriel, who played for the new OU OC while at UCF. And they are trying to bring in other QB as well, even if Dart commits. They have Rattler and Williams to replace. And it’s definitely NOT clear that Dart is a day 1 starter. But would at least have the chance to compete for that role.

Ole Miss HC, Lane Kiffin, just met with Georgia WR and QB JT Daniels, yesterday, who are a package deal and reportedly LOVED Daniels.

Dart knows Kiffin was going to see those guys so he decides, last minute, to accept the invite to Provo, as he is in Utah right now anyway.

Be interesting to see what happens. Fact is, Ole Miss may get Daniels and if so, Dart won’t go. OU may get their other guy as well, if so, Dart won’t have a spot. An OU just signed Nick Evers an Elite 22’ QB prospect out of HS." ( from fanalyst)

The plot thickens and someone said that Dart has til Friday to make decision in order to play spring ball…

Also of note,
" If the Cougars don’t land Dart, I believe they should work hard to add another quarterback to their lineup, especially if Baylor Romney leaves, as expected. I do know that the BYU coaching staff hasn’t entirely given up Romney returning but they shouldn’t be standing pat. Jaren Hall showed last year he is an outstanding quarterback with pro potential but he has also shown a propensity to get hurt. BYU needs an insurance policy that neither redshirt freshman Jacob Conover, nor Boise State transfer Cade Fennegan, nor Sol Jay Maiava-Peters can deliver, in my opinion."
Per Jay Drew

Hmmmm, a lot to chew on

How many do they have now?
Hall, Conover, Sol Jay, Fennegan (BSU transfer), Billups (Utah Transfer) are the ones that I know of.

Adding Dart? what would that do to the group?

Lots of questions, and frankly not sure if adding Dart would be a good thing or not. I loved watching him play in high school, he did pretty good at USC consider most of his team looked like a ER room.

I heard a lot about Sol Jay coming out of high school and how he “lit it up” in playing. But I am not sure if that has translated to the college level.

It will be fun to see what happens next year.

You get the best players when you can that want to be at BYU. What other QBs think is their problem or answer. If Dart is okay with being backup his first year, get him. Make the others see if they can do the work to compete for the job. There’s no equity in football.

Dart absolutely sucks. Why bring in a QB that can’t handle the pressure and the Offense is horrible as it is? BYU will never have a truly great QB until the offensive coordinator is changed. Dart is an overrated cocky kid.

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