Jekyll and Hyde Cougars

do it again. Nobody can figure this team out but I have an idea that they are simply average and when they put it together they look pretty good but just as likely they can lay an egg and look clueless.

At least KC and TH are breaking the records and making national noise. It will be interesting to see how the media promote this. We will see.

As for the game, I still maintain that the officials have a huge effect on the way the game goes. BYU gets ALL the calls in the first half and goes out to a big lead. LMU makes a run to start the second half because the calls go their way, just like the Pepperdine game. The difference is that the officials kept it in check and balanced it out before LMU could get too much momentum, unlike they did vs. Pepperdine. I maintain there is always a correlation between how well a team plays and how much help they get from the officiating. It is one of the primary reasons Gonzaga has been so dominant in the wcc.

Good win for the Cougars, but it could be totally different the next game. Who knows or who can predict otherwise?

I agree Jim about the team and especially the officials.

At least KC set a record today :smile:


Dave Rose on the post game show - “These guys are great, they just find a way to win games”.


I know a team and coach have to keep looking forward and live in the present but it was only two days ago that they had perhaps their worst half of basketball in the programs last 5 years or who knows how long. Yeah, they find a way to win games but let’s be honest, they have a knack for finding ways to LOSE games too.

Best of luck to the Cougars in the next few games, 3 in a row at home should all be wins, but I won’t predict that.

I thought the officiating was great in this game-in fact-I thought they misplaced their whistles-and likewise- mistakingly thought we were Gonzaga or maybe they were just high on LA!!!