Jimmer continues to dominate D league

Jimmer is the best player in the D league. Last night he scored 37 to help his team beat the top team in the league that had also won 11 in a row. Game Story: http://dleague.nba.com/games/20160130/wessxf/. This is a video of some of his points in the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqa1nCBCUS8 . He is third in the league in scoring, and is shooting 48.9/43.0/91.8. Mind you “50/40/90” is considered unattainable by all but the truly great shooters. Steph Curry is shooting 51.0/45.5/91.4. I’m NOT saying Jimmer can shoot like Curry, but I AM saying that he is shooting the ball against guys who are getting paid and who are hungry to show they can stop him, and the ball is going in the hole at that rate. Jimmer is also averaging 4.6 boards and 5.0 assists per game. He is showing that if he gets a good volume of shots, he will make them go in the basket. I’m interested to see how long he can dominate like this without an NBA team giving him a true role on its roster.

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I’d like to see him given a real shot. The team that needs better shooters is the Lakers. That way I could go see him play :slight_smile:

It won’t happen this year because this year is all about Kobe and his farewell tour. I saw a stat the other day that said the two lowest 3 point percentage shooters (min. 100 attempts) were Lebron and Kobe. I figured Kobe might be on the list because he is not very good right now but Lebron? I was surprised at that one. He is shooting somewhere around 25% from 3 point land.

Good to see you at Stake Conference today and yes, you get a pass for watching the grandkids… and the basketball game. :smiley:

So, like a bell curve, they started their careers bad shooters and are ending their careers bad shooters. Only, Lebron is going downhill sooner.

Kobe has never been a very good 3 point shooter. He was a good all around player. Sadly, this year he is hucking up more 3 pointers, and missing more, than at any time in his career. Combine that with the fact that this is his “farewell tour” and you have a picture of the poster child for selfish basketball.

I don’t know about the bell curve thing, but if it fits the narrative, more power to ya… :unamused:

33% for his career. I know in the past few years there are players that shoot insane percentages. But, 33% isn’t that bad. Is it?