Jimmer on Denver's Summer League Team

Really? I thought he was looking at Europe…

The Nuggets have signed Jimmer Fredette to their Summer League team, which means that the Nuggets can roll into Las Vegas with a starting lineup of Mudiay, Murray, Beasley, Sampson, and (possibly?) Nurkic. Nikola Jokic will be playing with the Serbia national team, and will not be playing with the Summer League team.

This isn’t about Jimmer but it has something to do with the nba.

Has anybody noticed some of the salary’s that are flying around in the nba lately? Great players are making more than 30 million a season (about 350k per game), good players are getting around 20 million (250k per game) and average players are getting 10 million (Delavedova is getting 9 million/year) to play basketball.

It’s crazy… but I know grasshopper will say it is great, that capitalism is great and everything is just fine.

How anybody can be okay with the situation as it is right now is beyond me. Man do we have our priorities screwed up in this country or what? Our political situation is a mess, the economic crisis looms on the horizon and people are out there eating, drinking and being merry… with no care or concern at all. I think it’s time to get the house in order and ready yourself for the very near future.

Let me take a crack at this one, it will be the first time in 25 years I’ve been able to use my degree in economics lol.

The salaries seem outrageous, agreed. But the market place determines their salary. They are paid what a willing seller (player) and a willing buyer (team/owner) agree upon.

There is a lot of people viewing, or consuming, the NBA product which generates a lot of revenue from ticket sales, advertisers, merchandise, etc which allows the buyer to have the resources to pay the salary.

There is small talent pool of people that have the size, athleticism, and skill to be able to play in the NBA. A huge amount of revenue and small group of people that can do what they do equates to high salaries.

People like to make the comparison to teacher’s salaries. Teachers are essential to the development of our children, therefore they should be paid more than a frivolous NBA athlete, right? Not according to the marketplace. Virtually anyone willing to go to school for 4 yrs at a university can become a teacher and their salary is paid out from tax revenue which is in competition for other services like police, fire, military, billion dollar bailouts…err:( So, limited and fiercely competitive revenue to pay the teachers from and a huge supply from which to hire equals relatively low salary for the teacher.

The CBA that the NBA currently has in place muddies the waters a bit because a fixed percentage of the revenues is required to be paid to the players so it isn’t a completely “free” market. But do you really care if Delavadova’s salary was cut in half and the other half given back to the owner?

I was speaking more to this comment that I made -

I think that is the root of the problem… the fact that people are willing to pay ridiculous sums of money to go to games, buy merchandise, etc. and then the ridiculous amounts of money spent on advertising… it just seems to me like there are so many other things that are more important than the nba. When I hear reports that one in five kids goes to bed hungry at night and then I hear that it is in this country? That is just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, there are very few people that care. The ills in society don’t warrant it. Also, I get tired of the complaints from public service employees who talk about being underpaid, overworked or whatever… at least they have jobs and the pay and benefits is as good or better than private sector stuff. I could go on… it’s just sickening to see when there are so many social problems in our country, let alone the world overall.

Whatever the market will bear. If billionaires can pay the salaries then that is their money. Life, liberty and property rights. And where do you get your statistics from? 1 in 5? I do know there is a majority of children receiving some form of government welfare. Mostly food stamps and this they aren’t going to bed hungry in the numbers you talk about.
What has taken place is Marxists have corrupted out Millennial youth and we no longer care about God and our Country. People now feel entitlement over everyone else’s money and property.
What you need is to find out how much money the rich sports people are giving of their own money to the poor and the needy.
I don’t think you have a clue about that.

This is the reply I expected from you, clueless and in denial.

You know, the crowd that doesn’t see any problems can come from anywhere.

You don’t see any problems in our society when it comes to stuff like this… lol.

Too funny.

Why is it a problem someone with the talent to get to the pros in America? Just to get there and being demonized for being paid what the market can pay.
Where do you get the idea to equate NBA salaries to hungry children? I say the reason is America is embracing Marxist evil. That’s what has caused the poverty and economic problems. Not salaries in the NBA and capitalism🤑

This is no different than our discussions about basketball. You are observant but you have a hard time understanding your observations. There are lots of good things about “capitalism”… in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we are far from a perfect world… very far. It is the love of money that drives the engine. It isn’t marxist evil that causes poverty and economic problems… that is such a simplistic viewpoint and rationalization. At the root of marxist evil is the love of money, greed, power, control, etc. Money is the ROOT of all evil, not marxism or capitalism… or whatever “ism” somebody wants to create or label. I heard somebody say today that Islam isn’t a religion, it is a political ideology disguised as religion. I believe it.

But back to the subject, salaries in the nba are simply one of the symptoms of a sick world. Hilarious that you suggest those players are giving any significant amount of money to help the poor… seriously hilarious. It is the love of money that motivates our political leaders today. They promote racism and seek to exercise control over the poor with little interest in helping them. The truth is there are very few people who seek after riches that are interested in helping the poor and needy.

It’s hilarious that you suggest that.

Jim: Unfortunately, we are far from a perfect world… very far. It is the love of money that drives the engine. It isn’t marxist evil that causes poverty and economic problems… that is such a simplistic viewpoint and rationalization.

SG: life, liberty and the pursuit of property (original wording instead of happiness). Those things that brought our ancestors here to America. Freedom of religion came with those things but wasn’t the main reason. When they got here they began to pursecute others of different religions and this helped form separate states.
At the heart of the formation of the country was the right to own property and not be taxed and individually controlled by government. To rid ourselves of a monarchy which is a form of Marxism. Marxism is evil. You simply have to look at the 100million+ that have been slaughtered to end poverty in Marxist countries like Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, Cuba and on and on.
The love of money argument is the simplistic viewpoint and easy targets. Those people mostly worked hard to get where they are. They developed their talents and are playing within the rules of the money game. Yea, there are some that don’t. That’s the ones we generally hear about. You rarely here about those who gained wealth the right way within the laws and ethics.
Just because you are a judge in Israel doesn’t mean you can judge those who worked hard in the field they chose and get paid very well. You simply don’t know the hearts of those you don’t have a right to serve in that capacity. You don’t know the hearts of the majority of players in the NBA. Is Danny Ainge a wicked evil money grubbing Stake President. How about our own Area 70 (won’t mention his name)? His salary is a lot in your eyes. I think the majority of people aren’t as you see them in any vocation whether in or out of sports.

I saw the Nuggets-Heat Summer League game last night. Jimmer looked good. He looks about 6-8 lbs lighter than he did last season. He looks a bit quicker, too, on defense as he worked hard to move his feet and stay with his man. On offense, Jimmer played well scoring 18 pts on 7-13 shooting (3-6 from 3’s). He and Murray played more than anyone else. Denver’s inside guys are dreadful…I mean really lousy. The black guy from France has a miserable shot - he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

Denver’s GM (O’Donnell?) was interviewed during the game and asked about Jimmer. He said Jimmer “definitely” has a chance to make the team. He said Denver’s two biggest problems last year were interior defense and outside shooting.

I hope he realizes his dream… for every one Jimmer out there, there are thousands of kids who don’t realize a dream. In fact, 99%+ of us out there will never realize any of our dreams. It makes me wonder about a lot of things…

Can anyone, particularly the grasshopper, explain to me how the nba commissioner blocks a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers a few years ago (it wasn’t going to make them a whole lot better) but he sits there and allows Kevin Durrant to go to the Warriors?

I don’t understand it…

Yes, you’re right that 99%+ of the kids that dream about making it to the NBA never make it. Since you are waxing philosophical, I’ll add my 2 cents. I don’t look at it as though all the effort is a failure if you fall short of your dreams. My son loved basketball and was a gifted shooting guard at 6’5". He tried to walk-on at BYU but didn’t make it. Still, the sport has brought him a lot of joy. His life is more balanced and fun because of his effort with basketball. He now plays on a recreation league, enjoys following the NBA and being a spectator. The rec league helps keep him in shape and he will be able to enjoy the sport with his kids when they get older. He learned other lessons along the way such as the value of working at a goal (smaller goals like starting on his HS team or hitting 90% of his free throws, etc.). I don’t think you were trying to say that people should stop setting goals in life because they typically don’t reach them. We all have to adjust our expectations in life when we realize our goals are unrealistic. But, reaching the realistic goals are also pretty darn gratifying.

I see that KC and the Mavericks played last night. KC played 20 min so he got his chance to shine a bit. He was 1 of 4 on his free throws and 1 of 5 shooting on the night. He had 8 rebounds and 3 assists and +9 for his +/- ranking. KC’s biggest problem is his shooting. I don’t think he has any confidence in his shot and it will be tough to make a team without being able to knock down an open 3pt shot or even a mid-range 12 foot shot. His defense may have been good and the Mavericks really didn’t need more scoring since they won by almost 20 pts. I wish him luck.

Different commissioner. It was unfair to block the trade.

But you see that this is one of the many problems with the nba. The league is all about the superstar player. I mean how many times do they need to help Miami or Cleveland get as far as possible so Lebron can showcase his talents? Yeah, we know he is a great player but the way they rigged the finals this year was embarrassing.

Now they are allowing Durant to play with Curry, Thompson and Green? for what? So they can break the single season win record again? So Durant can get his ring? What about parity and competitive balance? I guess it doesn’t matter to the business of the league. It is all about making the money and putting on a show. This is why I dislike the nba.

So why did they block the trade to the Lakers? They didn’t want Paul to get a ring? Or showcase Kobe? So, should they make another error and block Dirrant’s trade like they did Paul?

I don’t know, you are the one with all the answers that are supposed to dispell the conspiracies. The bottom line is that it is all about the money. They will facilitate and promote any situation that will help them to make as much money as they think they possibly can. That is the definition of corruption and it is pervasive in every aspect of society.

On another note, I see that BYU is playing in some basketball showcase thing at staples center against USC in early December. I thought it might be fun to go so I checked out the tickets for the game…

Prices START at $70 and go up to $250. Guess I will have to sit that one out.

Money isn’t evil. The love of money is. Because it causes people to break laws and rules of the games or businesses. Promoting an event to make money doesn’t automatically mean any corruption is involved. Rules, including social, moral and ethical understood rules.
Take Kobe’s last game. $1,000 a seat minimum. There is a part of society willing to pay their own money they earned. They have a right to pursue life, liberty and property (changed to happiness) according to our inspired Constitution. Therefore, no corruption. And no reason to judge those people either.
And, the only “rigging” was the players own agreement to give Kobe the ball. To let him shoot when he wanted to. Fortunately, he took all but one shot in the last 2 minutes and won the game. Spectacular! For those who paid it was a fair price to see that. And, a testament to endure to the end.

There are many reasons why the love of money is a bad thing, not just because it causes people to break rules…

When you ponder what I am saying for a minute and forget about your obsession with capitalism, you will recognize that I am right. Does the phrase “sufficient for your needs” mean anything to you? It’s too bad nobody sees it that way, but it is even more troubling that many members of our own faith don’t subscribe to it either.

Is it not your wants and needs? Wants are just as important. Also, “your” needs, not Joe’s needs or Jim’s needs. That’s why we don’t need to be concerned what the Stake President drives or what James makes. Do you understand my point?