Just a thought about the future of football vs the Corona Virus

Some top scientist are suggesting that this Corona Virus may be a new way of life, repeating itself
a could times each year.

Some suggest that social distancing may be a new way of life.

My question is this: If Social Distancing does become a new way of life, what will happen with all of the
60-120 seat stadiums ? What will they be used for?

In the NFL, what will be the new adjusted pay scale for those making $8 Million per year or more and for those in the trickle down categories?

What will all the hotels and casino’s be used for in Las Vegas?

Does Trump’s concern over the economy, apparently more than his concern about the virus, be unfounded, or is a major depression more devastating than the crash of 1929-41 and/or the inflation more devastating than the Real Estate Crash of 2009 a real possibility?

Okay, the sky is not falling. I am just over reacting. What do you think?

A new normal? No. This will go on for a while but people will not take it much longer. The DNA of it doesn’t change that way anyways. Eventually we will have herd immunity with medicines that work on the bad diseases that it produces. Just like HIV and SARS.

There was a bad survey published by the hate Trump media a couple of days ago about hydroxochloriquine. That has been debunked. The many trials going on by legitimate researchers and doctors still looks promising as well with other drugs. People who won’t respond to the drug are too sick to go to a game anyways.

Don’t listen to the news, they will say anything to get ears and butts in front of their channels.

Pandemics come and go but politicians and news people have to stoke fear to keep themselves viable.

Well, we agreed on that. While Fox News has multiple medical guests that give real information, some of their hosts instill a lot of fear with their voice inflection and statements. CNN and MSNBC are fearmongering liars that for some reason want America to fall into dictatorship. So, they make up news.

Chris Wallace with Fox is really disappointing. When he has a Republican he hits them hard and in so many words makes his guests seem as liars. He had Pelosi on recently and never pushed her hard on anything she lied about or attacked Trump with. I turn him off.

COVID-19 may be the wave of the future. If it comesback with numerous spikes it may be the “new normal.” If so, the world may experience recessions and maybe another giant Depression maybe like the 1930’s If so, we may have to go back to Depression like economies like those days of the 1930’s. If so, big sports stadiums and arenas may be forced to retract back to smaller crowds and the big stadiums and might become half or more empty for several years. Perhaps tickets will become lower in price. With shrinking economies television revenues may become less and less. Conferences and sports travel may become more regionalized. Look at the MLB baseball alternative plans for 2020. MLB is thinking about having three regions, East, Central and West with teams playing more against the two leagues. Example, AL teams in the central part of the country playing teams in the central part of the country playing like their own league. That is the two Texas baseball teams playing both the AL and NL Central teams- this is the Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, Reds and Pirates and the AL Central Indians, Tigers, White Sox, Twins, and Royals. In the West it would be NL West and AL West Coast teams. In the East, East AL vs. NL East. More regional in scope.With less TV revenue and and ball park revenue, team travel would become more regional too. In college sports it would be similar, that is retreating to more regional conferences like the old WAC picking up football again and MWC and Big Sky playing eachother in different sports. Perhaps some elite P-5 schools may play more regionally or split up to closer more regional markets, East, Central and West. Perhaps the financial aspects of the depression or recession economics may lead to this for a generation or so. Back and forth, growing and maybe retracting due to the economic conditions.

A lot depends on vaccines and cures to kill the virus or the effects of the virus like the inflammation outside the lungs. Trump was laughed at for suggesting putting a UVA light into the chest cavity to kill the virus which it does fast. Ceder Sinai has been working on UVa lights to kill COVID viruses and is seeking approval to begin trials with COVID19 through the ventilators into the lungs.
This “New Normal” is dangerous to push. It’s an attempt to set up the New One World Order.

I llike your post regarding the vaccines the UVA lighting and the new normal. The message is frightful, but not unrealistic. The new normal in my mind, heart and soul, is not yet acceptable, but it is a realistic possibility. FDR said that the only fear, is fear itself. I pray that he was right.

People are fearful. But we have to fight the idea of a new normal with the government’s running everything we do. We can accept it or reject it. I’ve read people in the Church happy about this because the Lord is closer to coming. The death and destruction just prior to that event will be horrific! Do people really want to go through that? Do they want their children and grandchildren to go through that? I say always choose liberty and freedom.


Sounds like a very scary Happy Ending.
Two things come to mind.

  1. Do what is right and let the coinsequence follow…
  2. Lord, if it be thy wll, let this cup pass from me. Never the less, not as I will, but as thou will.

What is right is always fight for what is right. Not accept what is wrong. A new normal is wrong. It’s accepting government overreach.
It’s interesting to see that most of the red states are not overreaching but the blue democrat governors are being dictatorial heavy handed. Bad…

It amazes me how far backward, we as a Nation of Citizens have become. The Father of our Country, George Washington warned us to never let our country fall into a party system, for if we do, we will lose our true democracy, as we know it now.

We did not take his advice. We fell into a party system that has lead us to do what our party wants us to do rather than to do what will be best for all citizens.

We no longer have open minds. What our party wants us to believe is that which we believe is the only truth. Anyone that does not agree with what our party wants, in our minds, are liars and/or fake news.

I admire more now, than at any other time, George Romney, who does what is right, and lets the consequences follow. When he sees wrong, he calls that wrong out, regardless of party or loss of standing in his own party, and perhaps many members of that party prominent within his own state, and perhaps even his own Church membership. May God bless George Romney, and allow more of us to have open minds as to what is best for our country and not just for our own party.

I wonder which party fosters this the most. If you say both do, that would be a lazy answer. The Republican Party waffles a lot over several subjects. They rarely fight with a common stand 100% all in. As where the Democrat Party is completely and totally united around one ideology, population control progressive movement. Climate control and all that is nothing more than the need to eliminate most of the world’s human beings. It’s why abortion is so important. It’s why socialism is important as the more poor you can make a nation, there is greater death.

Sometimes Democrats have to look like they are following the right thing to do. Take the COVID19 pandemic. They have had no choice but to follow Trump and closing down many businesses and schools. So, they put on masks and Social distance until a new campaign against Trump comes along. Then they congregate by the thousands breaking the rules for COVID19. They also want the pandemic to get worse so more people die. Cuomo forced sick people in with the healthy in nursing homes. That will eliminate thousands and cut healthcare costs.

Anyway, I’m ranting. I just believe the Democrat Party is making their move to destroy the Constitution and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of property.