Just an observation

Been watching the San Diego – Pepperdine game a little bit tonight but I have to say it is a miracle that Rose can recruit anybody into this league

We get crowds 10 times this big our high school games here in Utah

Yeah… it’s pretty bad. I was noticing the stands at the BYU-LMU game. There might be 1000 people there.

Have you been watching KC? What is going on with him?

It’s like he’s been reading this board.

That is the 1st TD where KC had to do it in order to win. Guess I missed the Jarko kid in the scouting report. He single handedly altered the game.

So Hawks, were you at the game cause it was rockin’ at my house

Nah… my wife and son are doing pathways through BYU-I and they gather on Thursday evenings. I have seminary in the morning too.

Those are the kinds of triple doubles that I have absolutely no problem with. If every one of them was like that I wish he’d have 20 for his career.

KC challenged himself, his coach challenged him too. Big difference between this game and the Portland game.

Anyhow, wish I was there at your house. Maybe next time! :wink:

That was the game to be to. A lot of emotion with the outcome decided in the last few minutes.

That KC is so selfish :wink:
Jacko was 11-12. He shot a lot better than his record shows. Seems like someone always has career games against us.

The difference in games was once again, we shot 49% tonight and only 38% at Portland. Hard to have lots of assists like that.

Yeah well I would have liked to be in your house too, where I presume the satellite feed didn’t go out at the end! I had it recording on both Root and BYUTV and it was the same on both. Even when I switched to live TV all I got was a black screen, but at exactly 10:00 BYUTV came back on with the ladies’ pre-game show. I have never had that happen before. I wasn’t too shook up but wow I would have been mad had that happened during a big football game!

Maybe the Rec League hired the LMU student video club to do the feed and they had to go home for dorm check. Stuff like this only happens in the Rec League. PS even my wife, who watches ZERO of the games, looked up from her grading (middle school teacher) and said, “Wow, what a lame crowd. Where is this game?”

That is so odd…I watched it on BYUTV on Comcast and like Hawks pointed out, we did have some audio buzz but never lost video.

I was laughing when you said that the wife, who does not watch sports, even pointed out the obvious. My wife can pull out the zingers out of the blue like that. Makes me smile.

Not to rub salt in the wounds but I always make true authentic sour dough pizzas for all BYU football and basketball games and invite some of my young men over to mix in with my brother and a few neighbors. The YM act as a buffer to any salty language that WE may or may not use. I have also had to on occasion repair a sofa or two as there is a good ol fashioned pileup after a BYU touchdown in a tight game.

WE have also had to restrain a relative from picking up the channel changer and hucking it through my wide screen…as in last night when BYU went down by 15 in the 1st. I certainly do not allow guns in the house during games and have not had to install a metal detector or TSA agent at the door…yet.

I’d like a recipe for that sourdough pizza… we make pizza on friday’s and usually have the missionaries over. They love pizza night.

the simple version is:

Get a sour dough culture (google how to make your own or order some). All sourdough is is the old way of making bread without modern “quick rise” yeasts.

3 pizza crusts:
Mix sough dough starter with
1 quart water and 5 cups of bread flour (not all purpose)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp. sugar or honey
1/4 cup olive oil.
best to do in a bread mixer or you can do it by hand but dough has to get to the point where it does not stick to your hands. next oil a plastic or glass bowl for the dough and cover it with a plastic bag and let sit until it starts to raise (usually 12 hours). stretch and fold once or twice over that time. you can also leave it in the frig over night and it adds to the sourdough tanginess.

Pizza topping (easy)
One bottle of Ragu spaghetti sause, any type
mix in 1 tsp oregano and or pizza seasonings
spread over your formed dough
cover with equal toppings of mozzarella and Monterey Jack.
Pepperoni , onions, olives, what ever you like

heat oven to 500+ and cook 10 minutes +/- til bubbly.

Thanks, I’m going to try that soon.

Thought this tweet/quote from Wrubell was interesting -

“In one of the best games he has ever played, Kyle Collinsworth attempted a season-low six shots last night–following 17 FGA at Portland.”

Kind of indicates that a player doesn’t have to take all the responsibility (forcing shots, scoring points) to actually play well and have a great game.

I watched to the end on BYUtv on my cell phone with no problems.

Two comments:

  1. He took 6 of those shots on the second half when he scores 10 points and dishes off lots of assists. If he’s not trying to score the defense can tighten up on the other 4 BYU players. That’s what happened in the first half.
  2. In the Portland game, the outside shooters sucked all game long whether open or not. So, the star always takes over. Unfortunately he didn’t shoot well either.

So, Warbel is about as knowledgable as you :wink:

Hey everyone -

Do any of you have any idea why SG can’t get his numbers and facts straight? or why he can’t understand simple numbers and facts? The most well correlated stat to points scored is # of assists. The shooting % is also a factor but not as well correlated with more variations from the mean.

and how many of you would appreciate being told that your basketball knowledge was comparable to that of Greg Wrubell, the voice of the Cougars for the past 20 years in basketball and past 15 in football?

That is about the best compliment that anybody could give… didn’t think SG was capable of it.