Just How Committed Are We To BYU Cougar Football?

When we say “WE”, whom are the “WE” that we are talking about?

Does it include the young kid that followed BYU all of his life and win or lose, cheered the team on until he himself became a 4/5 star athlete and than chose to go to a P5 School instead of BYU?

Does to include the fan that that traveled well to all the away games, be they in Alabama, Washington, or Hawaii until after the 2017 season and now decides that he may not travel to the away games in 2018?

Does it include the season ticket holder that for most of his adult life, never missed buying and attending every game seat in Lavel Edwards Stadium, but perhaps, may decide to maybe watch the games on TV this 2018 season?

Does it include the dedicated coaches that put all of their heart and soul into our program, until one day the did not and all except one of them, left us for a P5 team in another state?

Does it include all the coaches that got fired at the end of the last season, one of which was our only Heisman Trophy Winner, that still hangs around to offer his help and support if needed or wanted?

Does it include new coaches that after a couple of years, decide that it is better to leave the program instead of trying to get along?

Does it include the players that will dive for the otherwise uncatchable ball; reverse the field for the otherwise un catchable ball or jump as high as possible on the run trying to grab that over thrown ball, or the receiver that just stops in his tracks and says that ball is out of reach?

Does it include those that hold the purses strings that would choose a new coach because he will coach for less and bypass the better coach because that other superior coach will not or can not take that cut in pay?

Dose it include the fan that says the Cougars can not achieve because of our “Honor Code”, or because of our “No Sunday Play” position, or say that others are ”Prejudice” against us or ———

the fan that says that we must stop making excuses and stop blaming other people and other situations for our lack of success and instead, we must do what is necessary to make ourselves, with the changes we make, the attitude we change, the money we spend, and the value and the importance we put on our program in order to succeed.

Do you, or I, or anyone we know, fit into any of these categories?
If so, or if not, than what does it really mean to be committed to the BYU Football Cougars?

It does make a difference, because, If our commitment is not in the correct direction, we, and others like us, may just be the cause that our BYU Cougar Football Team, as we have known it the past, may not survive past 2024.

Think about it. With just 5 seasons left, after the end of this coming season, it will be too late if we put off another season not doing what needs to be done to survive.

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I am crossed between the BYU pursuit to get into a P-5 conference by scheduling upper level P-5 teams and constantly getting beat by them, i.e Wisconsin, Notre Dame, yes-Utah, and others like Michigan and upper level G-5 teams like Boise State and others who we used to beat when we were in the MWC conference like Fresno State, TCU (sometimes), et. al. Or was 2017 just a bad season or has our program dropped from being very competitive because we are not P-5 and recruitment caught up to us and P-5’s like Utah have surpassed us? Or do we need to reacess our scheduling and play maybe three P-5 teams and make a deal with the MWC or the AAC to play five or six games with them each year and try to schedule something like the Boise State model. Or are we just down because of the BYU culture and the lack of P-5 conference interest in BYU? Is it time to seek a G-5 conference or help found a another G-5 conference where we can compete like in our successful years?