K State analysis. why BYU won

When i saw Khalifa out there, was fairly certain we had a win

Perry is a tough little dude to guard

Refs were more then fair out there tonight

BYU would of blown K St off the court if they could hit a front end of a one and one!!!

K St is just not very good, Two players came to play, Kalama and Perry and yet we slept through the last 6 minutes and almost lost the game.

Waterman and Robinson did just enough.

Foos was dominate under the boards but could not string 2 FTs together.

Stewart came in and really played some good relief minutes for Hall.

What in incredibly frustrating win.


I will agree with you on almost every point…

except K State being not very good. They are a good team and have beaten some very good teams, IE Kansas most recently.

and Waterman and Robiinson doing just enough. Waterman missed two wide open 3’s, the first of which he should have taken to the basket with a wide open path. Robinsons 3 was more luck than anything… He had missed easier shots on several occasions. BYU was fortunate that one dropped.

and yes, it was an incredibly frustrating win.

It’s hard to watch… I knew it was coming and they did everything they do when they try to give a game away… missed layups, missed open threes, standing around on defense and missing free throws.

It’s awful.

Saunders only played 13 minutes and didn’t score. I thought he looked sick. He had a facial expression that you see on people when they are sick. He looked pale to me and fatigued he didn’t have his usual energy. He looked like he was out there toughing it out to me. I think this illness going around the team still hasn’t fully played out. It could have something to do with the late game fade. Missed free throws and layups can be an indication of fatigue.

I thought Hall looked a little off as well. I think he is Waterman’s roommate and he may have been a bit sick. May have caught what Waterman and Khalifa had. Stewart put in a solid 9 minutes and it is a good thing because Hall wasn’t himself. He may have earned his way back into the rotation.

Not trying to make excuses but BYU looked slower and less energetic late in the game. Maybe dealing with a lingering illness still afflicting several players. Kansas St played well late and had a lot more energy late even in the altitude. BYU just held on.

I didn’t think Robinson’s shot was lucky. One of his best strengths is catching the ball and shooting in rhythm. He shot it in rhythm and did what great shooters do. He was due to hit one considering the percentages. Johnson made a great play on the next possession and then they played great defense on K States next possession it was frustrating to watch a big lead evaporate but they made 3 big plays in the last minute of the game.

It’s weird watching this while in years past, some of the greats like Jordan, Bryant and others played while sick like this and had some of their greatest games. Now that college players are being paid the big bucks to play, it’s time for them to step up as well. O by, when very sick, stay home. But, when they are good enough to sit on the bench then step up and make the layups, free throws and 3 point shots. This isn’t the WCC and other teams have sick players as well. Tired of players good enough to get to the rim and then worry more about getting hit or someone under them and brick layups like we have been doing lately.

I agree with you if Stewart can stay out of foul trouble that he deserves more time after tonight.

I like the change up Khalifa can give us but he’s not a good low post player. I want to see Fouss starting and go to him in the post to start games. Open up the 3s more by doing so. More 2 man games in the post. Then, when the subs come in on defense, Khalifa can pick apart the other team’s defense with his passing.

Lastly, practice should consist mostly of layups under pressure, free throw shooting and 3 point shooting under pressure. Elbows are flinging outward on the free throws making the ball go right. Hall missed a free throw by 6”.

per ksl BYU men’s basketball wasn’t at its best Saturday night, with over half the team still dealing with the effects of a bug that is making its way around the team.

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I was on a long flight tonight and missed the game. Very happy to get the W. Saunders not feeling well this week and it hurts a lot since he has been one of our best players all season. Happy for Trey. He’s a GREAT kid. BYU 10000%. His dad works in the athletic department. I didn’t know that until the last time I was up there a couple months ago but that kid has paid his dues and I’m happy for any success he has. I love his athleticism and hope he gets his 8-10mpg at the point down the stretch.

I’m kinda glad I didn’t watch because I’m honestly not sure how a D1 basketball team goes 10/21 from the FT line. At home.

Good to win. Every game is a battle in this league and I love it.

Since Pope does not comment on injuries, that also goes for flu. Wonder just how many players have been playing sick?

Pope not using Robinson as a Point as much is a goooooood thing. something that needed the boot. Robinson is a finisher, not an instigator.

Missing front ends gives me ulsers, ugh The real stat is not that we shot 47% from the free throw line, factor in front ends…more like a 15 point swing

one more stat, BYU LOST the rebounding stat last night by 5 rebs, time to work on FTs and boxing out this week

Lots of offense to work on: overall shooting has gone down lately. I’m not buying illness as an excuse for missing give me layups and missing free throws way right like we do. These are paid athletes now and no excuses because other teams are fighting the same issues we are and making free throws.