Kansas will be a similar test

After breaking down Arkansas QB, #1 KJ Jefferson’s game, It is not lost on me that Kansas is a very close copy of the Ark. game.

#6, Jaylen Daniels is supposedly the best QB in the Big 12. He is 6’1, 215. Jefferson in comparison is 6’5, 264 lbs. I thought Jefferson had an NFL release so we should be ready for Daniels.

Ark was ranked #30 (massey rankings)
Kansas ranked #44
BYU ranked #53

This will all change after saturday’s games. And as I posted a week ago, I thought we would lose to Ark but that would prepare us for the Kansas game and that we would scratch out a win. the thing about winning is that it gives young minds the confidence that they can go out and compete with anyone. BYU needed this win much more then Ark. needed it. just because of the all the new pieces on BYU’s team and that we are in the Big 12 where everyone but Sitake has us as an underdog.


It doesn’t seem like BYU is getting a lot of respect. Iowa State ahead of byu? Arkansas fans behaving like their season is over because they lost to such an inferior team like BYU.

I think BYU does better as the underdog so let’s ride this wagon as far as it’ll go.

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I agree. I hope they keep underestimating BYU all season and we can stay the underdogs. We DO perform better as the underdog. Go Cougars!

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lineup changes going into the Kansas game

BYU football: Why former RB1 Aidan Robbins didn’t play against Arkansas - Deseret News
On the offensive line, Oklahoma State transfer Caleb Etienne remains the starter on the depth chart at right tackle, although he had trouble blocking Arkansas’ Trajan Jeffcoat and was spelled by Brayden Keim.

Asked whether Keim replacing Etienne for most of the second half was fatigue- or performance- or injury-related, Sitake said it was “a combination of all that.

Regarding the shakeup at free safety, it could be seen coming because Utah State transfer Crew Wakley started in Moore’s place against the Hogs but sustained an injury making a tackle the second play of the game and wobbled off the field with the help of trainers, displaying concussion-like behavior.

On the fourth play, Moore took a bad angle and Arkansas’ AJ Green outran him for a 55-yard touchdown. Wall, a sophomore from Arlington, Virginia, played most of the rest of the game and finished with six tackles.

Sitake said Wakley “had an amazing week of practice,” along with Slade, Wall and Moore. He said Wakley is not out for the season, but is doubtful for Kansas.

That was some tackle the kid did… pretty sure he was seeing “spots” afterwards.

BYU very seldom if ever gets respect. Mostly because of the sponsoring faith that owns BYU.

Except in the glory days where we were voter National Champions. And other years as well. Maybe now because of the media and Democrat wokeness attack on Christianity and the Church doctrines on woke issues.

BYU doesn’t deserve respect yet. We are happy with the Ark win but no one knows if Ark was actually a good team yet. BYU has historically come out of the gates hard and then laid an egg against a school they should be able to compete with. Kansas will show us if BYU deserves some respect or not. You don’t earn respect …. If you don’t have a history of earning it (last 7 years) until you prove you are legit. BYU also has a history of thinking they are great after a big win! No humility from a lot of athletes. We are not favored to win any remaining game by most national pundits so why would we get respect?

There is zero reason to get excited about future prospects unless BYU wins more games. You actually need to prove your program is good and deserves respect by winning.

While I agree with what you wrote and the spirit in which it was written, I do think that BYU win % in future games changed after that Arkansas win. We will have our hands full with Kansas but I doubt that we spot them 14 pts. like the Ark. game. In the pre scout post of Ark, I thought they were one dimensional and that their run game was suspect. Shut down Jefferson, win the game but the real hero in the Ark game was our defense, specifically: Our front 4 linemen. We not only did not have to commit more players up front but our 4 pushed Ark. bigger Oline around partially in the 4th quarter.

Kansas has a more balanced offense with a good run game. That could be a problem for BYU. Kansas QB, may be the best QB in the Big 12 has been banged up, he rushed 7 times for a -4 yds, that will not be lost on J Hill’s BYU D. Kansas Oline has been stout on run plays opening up big holes for Neal and Henshaw. If they do get 1st downs on 3rd and shorts, gonna be a long day for BYU.

BYU has to improve on the running game, or they lose. Hopefully we have fixed some of those Oline problems (such as replacing a big name or 2) with better linemen. Martin should be feeling more confident with every game.

I do think that BYU can win 3 our of 4 home games with Cinn, TTU, ISU and Ok.

The odds this week now has Kansas -9 vs. BYU, up from -7 a week ago. They were impressive vs. Ill but ho hum vs. Nev… Kansas outperformed vs. Ill. and under performed vs. Nev. Nev was beat by lowly Idaho 33-6 the previous week so is Kansas hiding behind some stats here.
Can BYU win at Kansas?

BYU wins IF:
BYU gets over 100 yards rushing.
We keep Kansas under 50% on 3rd downs. (Not gonna happen)
Slovis throws for over 300 yards.
Win the turnover game.

Kansas 31-28 BYU (See what I did here)
what say you?

One of my former players is a scholarship LB at Nevada, so I pay attention. That is a BAAAAAAAD football team. I mean truly awful. The fact that KU struggled with them tells me that KU is certainly vulnerable to a BYU team that is much, much better than Nevada. I’d still favor KU at home, but if I were betting this game I’d take the 9.5 points and absolutely sprint to the bank.

I agree with several of you who have pointed out that if BYU can’t run, we are gonna get spanked in conference games.

The respect thing is interesting…as an Indy we have been the underdogs for about 10 years now, and it’s easy for fans to go the Rodney Dangerfield route. But B12 teams have been playing elite competition week in and week out in their own league, so they don’t get too impressed too quickly if a team used to playing lower level competition beats ONE mid range SEC team, even on the road. I agree that BYU doesn’t deserve league-wide respect yet, and will only get it if BYU wins enough to earn it.

Last time BYU played a top SEC team on the road (LSU), IIRC we were obliterated and never even moved the ball over midfield. If we can beat KU on the road (very possible but unlikely) or even take it to the wire, then beat Cincy at home (very likely), the TCU game on the road will be a great opportunity to make a statement and EARN league-wide respect.

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I’ll stick with my prior-to-season pick - BYU winning in Lawerence. KU is pretty decent in the 5th best (and trending south) conference. This game will be close because of home field, but…

BYU 38 KU 31 (now, doesn’t THAT score look familiar)

Ummm…I’ve noticed that you have posted a couple of comments that I posted first including this one. I guess I should post more so you would have more material to plagiarize :disguised_face:

Only you would think that. Don’t flatter yourself.
Trust me, no one, really, no one wants to be like you.

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I’m afraid TCU is going to murder us. They always did in the MWC when it mattered, and they get up for BYU like Hawaii did. It’s personal and has a religious component that other games don’t.That game scares me more than Texas or Oklahoma.

So, how did we do?
BYU got 9 yards rushing, yes, 9-FAIL
Keep Kansas under 50% on 3 downs, they got 4 of 8.
Slovis got 357 yds passing, kept us in it, Good job
The turnover game…ugh… 3 turnovers lead to 21 points, game over

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