Kansas will be a simular test

After breaking down Arkansas QB, #1 KJ Jefferson’s game, It is not lost on me that Kansas is a very close copy of the Ark. game.

#6, Jaylen Daniels is supposedly the best QB in the Big 12. He is 6’1, 215. Jefferson in comparison is 6’5, 264 lbs. I thought Jefferson had an NFL release so we should be ready for Daniels.

Ark was ranked #30 (massey rankings)
Kansas ranked #44
BYU ranked #53

This will all change after saturday’s games. And as I posted a week ago, I thought we would lose to Ark but that would prepare us for the Kansas game and that we would scratch out a win. the thing about winning is that it gives young minds the confidence that they can go out and compete with anyone. BYU needed this win much more then Ark. needed it. just because of the all the new pieces on BYU’s team and that we are in the Big 12 where everyone but Sitake has us as an underdog.

Go cougs.

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