Kansas win, Pope, recruiting, what to know

Big Robby MCCoub fan here, and he covers it all
BYU Basketball Mailbag: Kansas Win Impact, Path Ahead, Recruiting, More (msn.com)

He thinks the Kansas win is bigger than beating #1 Gonzaga at gonzaga…

.I have to tell all of you a story. I had gone to a BYU practice just before that game with NBA Coach Berry Hecker. I had been harping on Coach Rose and his misuse of Eric Mika (who was a gazelle but was used as a back to the basket player up until then) and how Rose needed to run a high pic and role with Mika and Haws. Hecker tells me to “shut up, not a word to Rose, we are guests”. Any who, Rose walks up and says, “Coach if you see anything, let me know after practice”. Hecker elbows me in the ribs.
At the end, Rose comes over and asks what Hecker thought , Hecker immediately says, “Two Things…1 On D- Why do you let the offense come down and run a play right up the middle, You need to force them to the side and use the out of bounds as a sixth man, don’t let them get into their offense” …“2 On O- Why aren’t you running a pic and roll with Mika? He would kill anyone on the drive once the center is stuck on TJ and TJ can knock down a 3 over the center or blow right by him”
That win did not get us in the big dance (too many losses to weak WCC teams but we went on to play in the NIT finals vs. I think Baylor.

This Kansas win will not only get byu dancing but the latest has BYU up to a 5 seed from a 7 seed.

On Keeping Pope-yes there is plenty of talk about him going to a blue blood and about 5 times the pay.
Robby thinks Pope would stay if BYU ups the NIL. BYU won’t up any NIL (the Church and their antiquated way of seeing Athletes as BYU Students, not Athletes, who want to play pro ball. I could write books on that subject.

On Recruiting:
Getting Robinson drafted by the NBA or wins like this will get elite players looking our way, This win was way bigger then anyone can imagine as Pope already has NCAA caliber players but to get another Adams or elite point would vault BYU brand into hyper drive.
Read what McCombs says.
Buckle up and beat TCU.

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You mention how big wins will get the attention of top recruits. Truer words never spoken. This is a basketball thread, but Puka’s success has potentially the best high school WR in the country doing an official on campus visit to BYU. https://www.si.com/college/byu/recruiting/four-star-wr-lamason-waller-to-take-official-visit-to-byu

Don’t forget we signed an ELITE PG last year in HIGH 3 Star PG Brooks Bahr (89 composite, just barely shy of a 4 star). Bahr will be coming off a mission around when Dallin Hall is displaying his 1st Team All Big 12 award in a couple years. 2024 3-Star Guard Brooks Bahr Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

Every high school player in the country who watched ESPN (so almost all of them) on Tuesday night saw highlights of BYU beating KU at Phog Allen Fieldhouse. They saw a ripped PG crossover and hit a dagger step-back 3 over a 7’2" (supposed) All American center. They saw Noah hit a wing 3 with a guy in his face like he had ice in his veins. They saw Jaxson making Bill Self second guess why he didn’t offer Jaxson–a top 100 recruit–when he entered the transfer portal, hitting 3s that his own pack of 4 and 5 stars could only dream of making. Bottom line: this was a BIG BIG win for recruiting.