KC and Fischer on the next game

We are hungry. There is still a lot of basketball to play.

Earth to BYU…no inside play equals no post tourney play.

BYU somehow believes that if they have no inside play and if they don’t play defense that somehow things will be different from results of past years. The simple truth is that BYU will most likely lose to Gonzaga again in Vegas.

I thought we played with a lot of defensive energy and held them to a low point total. We simply can’t shoot 34% inside the 3 point line. 31% from 3’s is fine. It’s the short shots that I’ve been talking about they can’t continue to miss.

Without an inside game and/or without a half court offense BYU has little chance of winning the tourney. They are traditionally vulnerable against teams that can control the tempo of the game.

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Disagree. If we shoot better from inside the 3 point line we could have won by 10 against GU.

Isn’t that pretty much the case in EVERY SINGLE GAME!

If we would have done this or if we could have done that… and insert the flavor of the week, such as played better defense, made layups, shot better free throw %, scored more from the inside… the list goes on and on.

Every team out there can say the same thing… it kind of waters down the significance of it and makes all of the comments sort of irrelevant.

If BYU had been able to score more points than their opponent, they would have won the game! Genius!

But, have you noticed that our midrange shots are poorly executed? Sometimes half floaters half shots? Fischer gets into the lane but doesn’t pull up like Tyler did last year. Emery is good from the sides when he can use the glass. But in the lane it’s that half floater that doesn’t go in. I’m hoping Tyler’s brother can shoot the midrange better.

What we did see from Saturday’s game is the notion assists are the key. They aren’t. Not in college and not in the pros. Shooting percentage is the key. No make, no assist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: