KC is questionable for tonight's game

Has the flu and is questionable :-/~

smoke screen designed to throw the other team off.

So now that we know the wcc was beat up with only one invitation to the ncaa tourney and a pittance of the revenue share and the other big boy schools raked in the money despite the fact that they stunk it up again and that the ACC is going to reap huge money after the tournament smoke settles. does anyone care?

The NIT money barely covers a schools expenses… even if they go to New York.


So do you believe he won’t play because of the flu?

Maybe he is sick, but I would be surprised if it is anything more than food poisoning. A guy that is in the kind of shape he is in, that takes care of his body like he does and at his age? They just don’t get the influenza virus.

He’s got some food poisoning or something.

his entire family has had this bug, finally caught up to him