KC plays Philly in the Super Bowl

Britain Covey, Andy Reid headline Utah ties headed to Super Bowl LVII - Deseret News

Its too bad SF niners could field a heathy QB. Feel bad for my man, Fred Warner. The niners were my team for decades clear back with Rice and Montana/Young.

But I have to shout out to KC and Andy Read. They are back again, although really hurting to find some Wide Outs that can help Mahones, Kelsy and Pacheco.

Also have to say that the officiating crew, Never seen the Field judge in charge before, was Putrid.
Those refs must of come from the WCC or P 12 or something. what a mess.

A special thanks to Joseph Ossai for his contribution in the win. The late hit that was heard around the world. From my favorite football show ever, “Moron”.
Bengals’ Joseph Ossai Addresses Costly Late Hit on Mahomes (msn.com)