KC's assist record

I haven’t paid much attention as he closed in on the career assist record at BYU. But it struck me this morning listening to Sports Nation that KC got the assist record despite playing his freshman year with Jimmer mostly handling the ball and his sophomore year with Carlino handling the ball much of the time. Both Jimmer and Carlino are pretty high on the assists list as well so the record probably means more in some respects than either Jimmer’s or Tyler’s breaking Ainge’s scoring record.

Yes, it is a big one.

When KC focuses on helping make his teammates better, he is better. When he focuses on himself and trying to break records or score the ball on his own (ie. force things and carry the load) he is not as good. His triple double last night was one of his best and so was his game because he focused on his teammates and played with control and balance.

The defense has something to do with that too. Portland’s defense was much better than LMU. And if you still have the Portland game tapes you may note that KC passed the ball just as much for shots as last night. The difference was in the second half our guards made the shots including 3 pointers at 39%, not 21% like at Portland.