Keep it real, Portlandia @BYU

So Portland has been stinky yuk all year then they take Gonzaga to the edge and beat San Fran by 10 at home. Waz-up?

Gonzaga was hardly a nail bitter, just the final score looked like a tight game. In both games Portland was far behind, then they tightened up in the end and blew by San Fran in the last 5 minutes. In both games, Walker/White- Walker/Porter/Adams (all guards) got aggressive, going to the hoop, and got San Fran in foul trouble and made the games close shooting FTs.
Portlandia also made 50% or better in both games from 3. And both games were at home.

BYU gets these guys at home and is favored by 18. Just the way Portland has been playing these past 2 games suggests that this will be a tight game, right?..….Na, not happenin. Get your pop corn and watch this easy win for BYU.
Better games to watch:
[email protected] Ind 10am big rematch.
[email protected] 12.15
San Fran @ Pacific 5pm
Nev @ USU 6pm

Byu game is at 7.30

Nah-Portland only makes it a game in Portland-but without Childs I doubt its a blowout-though my stress level could use a blowout😂

How was the start of the Portland game for your stress level. I think we hit the first 11 shots before Haws took a crappy 3 and killed our mojo.

BYU smoked Portland on the glass 38-33
We smoked them on 3s , 15-30 to 4 of 27
. We smoked them on Assists 29-15
We smoked them on TOvers 5-11
We smoked them on Shooting % 52-44

Seljaas as 5-5 from 3land. Nixon got a double double and Lee backed that thing up in for 13 and 5 rebs………The way we started, it looked like a Nevada blowout. great party at out house

Very enjoyable game to watch, even when Portland cut a 21 point lead to 7. It was great to see Seljaas play so well and Haws have an outstanding game. My stress levels could stand a few more performances like this one!

With so many transfers over the last year’s of Rose’s tenure, I think Seljaas and Nixon deserve especially strong kudos for sticking it out when it clearly was not in their personal best interest. The bball team would be hurting without their glue today.

Seljaas and especially Nixon would have to step down in School quality if they transferred. They have been treated very well at BYU. Nixon, along with Lee quality for the MIP (most improved player) this year. Seljaas has always had a high motor. Never complains about assignments. He was a 3 point specialist his entire career until Pope asked him to play strong forward due to injuries to Baxter and Childs suspension. They will be missed when they graduate.