Kentucky has a head coach opening

Floyd started this but it got closed. Pope is on the list to replace Calipari. Also, we also lost 2 assistants as well. That could have an affect on who stays as players as well.

I know Kahil Fennell has been hired by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, who else is leaving?

BTW here is the article I posted previous, but apparently forgot to set the group chat to “Basketball”.

Could this coach replace John Calipari at Kentucky? – Deseret News

Wait!! Didn’t I post about this a month or so ago and somebody responded saying Calipari wouldn’t leave Kentucky? Of course they are interested in Pope. Their alumni will likely be demanding a more high profile coach who has had success in The Dance, which Pope decidedly has not. But he’s on their list of their top guys don’t pan out.

The comment I heard was “Pope has not won a single NCAA tournament game, so why would Kentucky take a chance on him?”

Someone named Hill. It was on BYUSN. Another non-member coach who is Black as well. Both great recruiters too.

So, where have you been? Don’t want to answer the tough questions about Adams? What actually happened there as you seem to be on the bench with the team?