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It’s not about Trump being a clown. It’s about the communist Democrats who believe in silencing their opponents and putting them in jail or killing them. Trump is innocent in all his court cases. But it’s keeping him from campaigning to help out Biden. There isn’t any evidence that Trump had the affair with Stormy. And you are right. Trump is a big supporter of Israel and Jews. So, this attack by Biden and the Democrats is a perfect time for Muslims to attack Jews all over the world. Especially in America and Israel. George Soros has lead this. Think he will have a change of heart if his grandchildren are attacked and beaten for being Jewish? I keep saying to Democrats, what goes around will come back around and bite you in the butt harder.

That is where most Republican do not understand what Trump has done to the party. Yes, Trump appears to be the targeted by some liberal democrats for political cases, some of these cases are legit (classified documents).

But then on the other hand, some of these cases would not have happened if Trump had simply accepted the outcome of the election and moved on to do a comeback in 2024. That is all on Trump!

There is a document from Trump own advisor, about the issue with classified document case. Where one of his advisors told him to simply give the “Three documents” back to the Government, he mentioned that Trump should not want to be the center of attention about the documents where he could be charged.

Originally, all the National Archives wanted was 3 documents back. If Trump had simply given them those three, all this hubris about the documents would be gone. But Trump’s ego got in the way.

Don’t even get me started with “conservative caucus” in the House. All they do you scramble for screen time to “stand up for Americans”, but never offer any real solutions to the solve the issues.

They ousted McCarthy, made the GOP look like a bunch of clowns, which by the way, showed to the American voters that the Republicans do not have their house in order. They had a 6-vote majority, that this freedom caucus has dwindled down to 1 because of their direct actions.

Majorie Taylor Green, Chip Roy, Andy Biggs, etc. Blocks anything that is “bipartisan” regardless of the merits of the bill, they do it simply because “Trump” does not like the bill.

Here is the Irony, the freedom caucus is yet again threatening to oust Johnson for his bills (three separate bills which is the way it is supposed to be done to discuss the merits of each bill) to support Ukraine and Israel and Taiwan.

They state the reason for this is because these bills do not have “anything for the border crisis”.

Which is a bunch of garbage, because “A bill” has already been passed to secure the border, modify how and who can come into the country, with appropriate funding added.

According to Fox News analyst Brett Hume, the freedom caucus has a hard time counting and/or remembering things.

Last fall the house with the Freedom Caucus passed HR 2 which is in it title “Secure the border” bill.

Here is the reference: H.R.2 - 118th Congress (2023-2024): Secure the Border Act of 2023 | | Library of Congress

Where is that bill now? collecting dust on Schummer desk collecting dust.

Everything I stated is factual, you can google to verify the information.

So, the reason why the bill to secure the boarder is Trump’s fault? So, Trump and the freedom caucus want a bill for the 3 areas of the world but also want attached to them something Schumer will pass in the Senate to force Biden to sign into law to stop the free flow of terrorists from China, Russia and Iran. Do you see now why they want this? It’s simple. Biden and the Democrats want to throw our money down rabbit holes but not secure the boarder. The freedom caucus is saying we will help these countries if you either make the Senate pass the bill we already passed to secure the boarder or attach something like to one of these new bills to help these 3 countries. Trump agrees. Sounds right to me.

In the meantime, we are seeing the effects of the Biden open door policy. Hamas is controlling the college campuses inside the U.S. with anti-semetic demonstrations of death to Jews, Israel and America. Chinese are buying up farm land, houses and buildings in cities. The communists in the UN and Biden administration are wanting to shut down our farms forcing us to eat bugs. Look it up. They are also calling for another shutdown for climate change. Seems to me that those bills should also reverse all of this throwing those who crossed illegally out of the country and taking back our lands and property. These things are only the beginning. Trump and the freedom caucus want to stop these things. But you and the republicans want to compromise with those doing this. Well, I guess you and Jim will get your wish to speed up the time for the 2nd coming.

And then there is the classified document thing. Trump says he declassified them before leaving office. Now what? The National Archives does not have authority over the President. Yet, Biden raids Trump’s place and his colleagues in the middle of the night, throws some in jail and is attempting to jail his political opponent while interfering in the upcoming presidential election. Yet, has anything like this happened to Biden, his son and his colleagues for having classified documents in his houses and offices that he took as a Senator? That is truly against the law because a Senator cannot declassify anything. And you complain about 3 documents, hush money and supposed misdemeanors that statute of limitations ran out 5 years ago?

Want to go on about Trump? The only one that stopped Putin and Iran from continuing wars with Israel and the Ukraine by cutting off the money supply from oil to these terrorist leaders? And, the one that wants to stop and/curtail the massive genocidal slaughter of innocent unborn babies? That wants to curtail the crazy woke nonsense that has caused a sharp rise in pedophilia and mutilation of minors through the insane trans movement? And you want to complain about Trumps past immortality and compare it to the current Democrats movements of sick women immoral movements of the above mentioned truly immoral stuff? You might want to do a Ben Franklin “T” graph close with Trump on one side and the Democrat-Bush Republicans on the other side. List their party platforms and compare. List Trump’s accomplishments and Biden’s and compare. List the bad orange man’s things and Biden-Democrat things. Try it. May help.

Scott, do you not understand what I posted?

The bill I am referring too and the one that freedom caucus dumped because of Trump was the Senate Bipartisan Immigration Bill. By the way, they themselves said this on TV!

You are absolutely right, the democrats in power (far left) do not want to work on the border. But passing yet another border house bill will not get it any closer to be pushed through the senate.

That was my point, they have a border bill on Schummer desk already and causing issue for Ukraine and Israel is not the answer. If I was the Freedom caucus, I would have told Johnson "When the senate puts HR2 on the floor to debate, then we will welcome the chance to debate the bills funding Ukraine and Israel. That would have put pressure on the Schummer.

The issue is there were documents that Trump DID NOT declassify in his home. His advisor told them they were not declassified, nor that he should have had them. AGAIN, Trump had a chance to be a grown up and say “my mistake, here are the documents” but instead he thinks he is above the law.

He is going to get a rude awakening when SCOTUS conservative, constitutional judges’ rules against part of his belief that he can declassify things.

BTW, I am not against Trump’s polices, I dislike Trump and his boorish, childish and often combative behavior.

Thanks for the clarification. Written much better this time. I disagree with the documents thing. All a President has to do is vocalize documents are declassified. There is no set method. The national Archives gives the best process but in reality the President can simply say these are declassified and take them. The SCOTUS will side with Trump.

The point on the Senate bill is that the Republicans didn’t vote for it is because it did nothing to stop the flow. It limited the flow to a few thousand a month when it should be zero aliens should be allowed to illegally cross the boarder. Hope you understand the difference.

My main contention about a year ago and still today is that the GOP taking a huge risk of not winning the election with Trump. Pick another conservative and the chances go up. You and the othe Trumpaholics think all republicans will come back to the fold and will now vote for Trump. I know many who won’t- won’t vote for Biden either.
Again, it’s currently a tossup and that is against a senile, worst president maybe ever.
Watch the republicans snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

And he is a Clown!

Yet, the polls say otherwise. The people have elected Trump to get elected. Are you pinheads going to stay home or vote for Kennedy?

I’d write in “Hopper” before Trump!!
There’s an idea! I just may do that!

I’d do a great job with executive orders. I’d first designate the Democrat Party a terrorist organization.

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