Kevin Young first signing

4 Star Brody Koslowski has signed with the cougars.

Former USC signee, 4-star recruit Brody Kozlowski commits to BYU basketball – Deseret News

While we are not seeing any action on the assistant coaches, it’s good to know that progress is going on behind the scenes.

Also, apparently Brody had issues with Pope. I find it interesting now that Pope has left, I hear more open criticism of Pope from the local media.

Doesn’t say if he’s going on a mission first?

Sounds like a good get. He was the third rated HS player in Utah and a top 100 recruit. He was a 4 star recruit according to some and at least a high 3 star.

As a background, Brody’s dad Travis played football at BYU, his mom was on the Basketball team and current analyst for KBYU.

His great uncle is Glen Koslowski, who are remember as one the BYU greats.

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Isn’t that the truth, once someone leaves, all the negative comes out.

We have it in my office, the general rule is that if something is broken, you blame it on the last person to quit. :open_mouth:

It’s all Trump’s fault :rofl: :rofl:

Listening to BYUSN today and Kyle Collinsworth and the guys, the roster is almost all set. So, it sounds like their others in the portal that will be signing soon that will round out the roster with mostly 4 star players. Saunders is said to be about gone. Which would be the wrong choice for him in the long run. He’s going to play behind 4 and 5 star freshman players because Pope will have to do so. Hall also would be coming in off the bench as well. Both have a much better chance to start at BYU and develop their game skills.

It’s a shame if Hall and Saunders leave because they would be key players at BYU. Saunders may be doing it because he will get a much better UIL deal and he is married so I am sure that would play into his decision. Hall, I am not sure why he would leave. He isn’t considering Kentucky. He is considering Clemson, Duke, and Virginia. I think the other programs he is considering would be a lateral move, or a step down, for him. I know USU, Utah, and Cincinnati are on his list. Can’t remember who the other 3 three are. Utah and Cincinnati would be a lateral move at best and USU a step down.

There are rumors that Coach Young will be announcing an assistant coach this week.

It would be interesting to see who he chooses.

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Based on the interview today with Kyle Collingsworth, I think he’s done playing and will be a coach at BYU.

I was being funny. Yes, Biden is one of the worst Presidents ever. There have been a lot of Democrat Presidents that have been really bad. Hillary just stated that Trump would go after and jail his opponents. Yet, that is exactly what Biden is doing. That statement should be enough to not vote for Biden.

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Just noticed that Atiki entered the portal and Jaxon Robinson declared for the draft.

Ya, sounds like Young has a big or two going to come in. And, Robinson was known to declare and still keep his options open.

Not really. I don’t care what the “dems” have to say and frankly I’m a little tired of what the “repubs” have to say as well. Politicians tend to mess stuff up instead of making things better. Nothing but a bunch of self serving power mongers.

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