Keys to a win or lose at TCU

From the brains down there in Fort Worth:
Three reasons why TCU will win or fall in Josh Hoover’s first start vs. BYU (

OK, I will bite on this one
1. Exploitable defense: The Cougars are giving up nearly 30 points per game to Power Five competition. The rushing defense has been a weakness as the Cougars have allowed at least 177 yards on the ground in three straight games. That means TCU running back Emani Bailey has a great shot at another 100-yard rushing game.

Me: Bailey will get his 100 yards and maybe a couple of scores but BYU playing a one dimensional team who can’t throw the ball downfield will not have to worry about TCU scoring 30 points. This is NOT CU playing TCU with 0 defense. TCU’s defense has been susceptible to the pass. Many of us have pointed out that BYU went 3 and out the 1st 4 possessions in the Cinny game til ARod got a clue and opened up the offense with Slovis bombing away.

All of us would prefer to see BYU come out slinging it only going to the run once BYU is moving the ball rather then the anemic run 1st, pass 2nd when TCU knows we are passing.

Recipe: Stop Bailey, Force Hoover to throw, win ball game.

Chris: once again, thanks for the good link.
I agree that Bailey is gonna do what he does, but agree that he can run for 100 and we can still win. But if TCU runs for 200 we are DOA. So we don’t need to STOP their running game, just slow it down a bit.
Not for nothing, the weather forecast for Ft Worth is PERFECT for passing–75’ and sunny with a little breeze. As you say, let’s all hope ARod lets Slovis come out gunning.

Let’s not forget what Ft Worth once was: the end of the Chisholm Trail, where after weeks on the trail, the toughest guys in America–19th century western cowboys–would deposit their cattle in the stockyards and spend days or weeks drinking, fighting, and more often than not came out gunning. Let’s hope we see the same from BYU tomorrow (ok, less the drinking part but yeah…).

I’m sticking with 24-20 BYU.

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