Keys to BSU win

On Monday I will figure out how to post a couple video clips. Kalani has been talking for a month about players and assignments. WRONG. It’s SCHEME. Kalani has just been trying to protect Lamb and Tuiaki. I understand, because they are his closest friends, but his loyalty to them trashed this season. You cannot win if you retreat from your opponent and advertise it to them. Remember: our D got GASHED for about 7 games in a row and Kalani changed NOTHING on the field until tonight. Kalani DRASTICALLY changed the scheme on defense tonight. On the VERY FIRST series, 2nd down, BYU puts 5 on the line and both ILB come up HARD on the snap onto the B/C gaps that SCHEME says “you don’t get 7 easy yards into he ground today.” On the very next play, 3rd and 10, BYU lines up in 3-8 but then blitzes an OLB AND a safety, who comes in clean and whacks the QB as he is throwing…wait for it…a bomb to an open receiver. But the throw is off BECAUSE OF THE PRESSURE. We stayed in that basic mode all night. FINALLY. Only took 7 years and demoting Tuiaki and Lamb. Wow.

Hall, OL, Puka, and Ropati (who should have been playing all year)—gold stars to all. Other than 4 stupid turnovers in one half (yes, stupidly going for it on 4th down then failing to take the easy FG before half after a gift of a TO by BSU are really turnovers), the offense was
Outstanding, just as it’s been most of the year.

Well, I didn’t see the same tough defense in the 2nd half. Open receivers until the last series.
Yep, offense wins and loses games. Bad calls on 4th downs and several red zone muffs. We go away from what was moving the ball and who was moving the ball.

Good to see BYU get the win, though I am also a BSU fan. The defense got enough stops for BYU to win this game and that’s what we have needed all year-just 4 or 5 defensive stops per game. Defense was less predictable and this was key in getting those stops. BSU needs to run the ball and BYU shut the run game down pretty well. A couple of notes-IMHO Rex has never returned from injury and right now Cosper is a better option. I give the OL an A in pass blocking and a C+ in run blocking. They are big and tall and they need to get a better push off the line. BYU needs to hire a good DC during the off season, before spring ball. Hopefully someone that’s likes aggressive schemes that cause havoc with blocking schemes. It’s going to be a rough go in the Big 12. You need your players on both sides of the ball, confident and aggressive, believing in the system and executing the aggressive game plan. I would rather they lose being aggressive than playing not to lose. I don’t mind Katoa-he makes some good runs, but he isn’t an every down RB. Lastly BYU has played some really good teams this year. Liberty defeated Arkansas on the road and ND wiped out #4 Clemson. Sometimes winning is all between the ears and BYU needs to get set for the Big12

And I would like to add that the offense should have scored at least 2 more touchdowns and maybe another field goal. We left at least 17 points on the field. We are again getting stuck in the red zone. But, the offense did enough to win this game.

The defense was again the tail of two half’s. Great in the 1st and not so great in the 2nd. The last drive of BSU was aided by the holding penalty and better pass defense in which they could use all the time.

great post, also a BSU fan. Took Peterson sturgeon fishing early 2000s, just after they beat Ok.

Tom and I have been screaming to get LBers involved rather than leave them in no man’s land.
Keys to the win:

1 This win at the Smurf Turf literally resurrected BYU, and it is next to impossible to win in Boise. I had it circled as our 3rd toughest game, still do! Goes to show that scheme and personal responsibility win the day.
2 Nacua, NFL ready. can’t be covered. I think the pathetic refs returned the favor after stealing at the end of the first half.
3 Really bad reffing, just looked at each other cluelessly on critical calls. could of cost BYU the game. uhh.
4 Hall was extremely efficient at finding other receivers to start the drive, great on his runs all night to extend drives. One terrible interception, his worse throw all year but BSU could not capitalize due to our aggression on D.
5 Can anyone answer where Ropali has been hidden? Why today? Tom says he’s been screaming for him to get playtime. I have only seen mentions since spring camp…and he’s a Jr.
Breaking: BYU Lands RB Hinckley Folau Ropati out of Cerritos JC - BYU Cougars on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More
I bring this up for one reason. BYU is DEAD last in 3rd and short downs. Last night BYU left two more scores on the field wasting a 3rd and 4th on a Katoa and Hall run. Here is what Ropali is known for:

  1. Physicality**

“You don’t draw comparisons to Fui Vakapuna without being a very tough and physical runner - Ropati is exactly that. He averaged 6.9 yards per carry as a Freshman due in large part to his yards after contact. Ropati will bring a unique skillset to BYU’s backfield.”
So why has Ropati been rotting while Katoa, steady but drops at the 1st contact, is used when opposing teams run everyone up to the line. Makes 0 sense.

6 O creativity. those screens to Ropali changed BYU’s trajectory. Everyone started smiling, playing loosely and smelling victory. Ropali (the human bowling ball) is a lot of fun to watch, shifty.
7 Our D! Now thats what I’m talking about. Stack the run. Blitz the pass. many a pass was hurried, flushing out a running QB is something I can live with over him picking BYU apart. Notice every lost-yardage run was also caused by aggressive pass rushing. I’ll take that over boiling frogs any frikkin day.
8 Giving BSU a loss on the smurf turf when it’s our last game in forever leaves me with butterflies and unicorns. Now, lets finish strong and get a good bowl game…I think we saved a lot of players transferring with this one.

I hope you are right on the transferring players. BYU will have a good chance of winning out, with their toughest game being against Stanford most likely, who is having an off season. One comment I hate to make, but will anyway because I believe it’s relevant-Having played my share of sports and still competitive in some venues-players generally opt out of a program if they feel their skill set is better than a player that’s playing ahead of them or they realize that their skill set won’t get them playing time. Others might opt out if they feel the program is losing track with winning games. IMO in basketball and football, BYU might be guilty of a form of nepotism. I probably notice it more in basketball, but have seen hints of it in football. It’s not something I like saying, but I believe it happens in sports-coaches and players. In my perfect world the best players play and everyone else contributes when called on. One of the things I like about Pope, is I believe he is extremely fair and trying his best to put the best product on the floor. Controversial subject, but maybe a bit more applicable to BYU than another school where you might get fired for losing a couple of games.

Don’t know if this will come through but, oh, man! What a catch!

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playing favorites exists in every venue in life. point made. Not privy to football practices like I can with BBall. Only now, I think Sitake is realizing just how important the run game is, we have to have it to make the pass game work.
Holker transferred because he wanted to be like ND’s Micheal Mayer, in tromping #4 Clemson (I still think BYU was the better team in Vegas) 4 catches, all for 1st downs and 1 TD. Do you blame him when BYU throws to the TE maybe 1-3 times an entire game.

The only thing I can say, and “some” people will think I am wrong, I have been told by former BYU players that some coaches play their favorites instead of the best player.

All we heard during Fall camp is how good Brooks was, that he was going to replace Algiers. Well in the games I have seen Brooks would not even be third string. Both Davis and Ropati are better runners than Brooks.

Just my opinion, but it is the only explanation I can come up with to your question.

I had Davis and Ropati as the backs from before the season. Ropati is TOUGH, shifty, incredibly strong, low center of gravity, and oh yeah, that was him outrunning BSU’s future NFL safety. I’ve been shocked and mystified that he has sat out all year. Him winning the BSU game for us either makes the OC and the RB coaches look like geniuses (for putting him in) or like total clowns (for him sitting all year).

Davis and Ropati have had good shining moments.
Is McChesney just not at their level? In the doghouse for some reason?
Should he get a shot against Dixie?
Candidate for transfer portal? Don’t know that much about him so more just curious.
Just seems like he always produced well when tapped.

I agree. What happened to him after rushing for 200 yards against UMASS?

What the announcers were saying about Ropati is that he has had issues with fumbling. Maybe in practice he has demonstrated that he is doing much better in protecting the ball.

Davis was in for one play last night and didn’t touch the ball. Maybe he got hurt again.

I know McChesney played the first game and hasn’t played since. Maybe he is redshirting. Katoa and Brooks will finish their eligibility this year so maybe the are saving a year of eligibility. He was supposed to be a top recruit so who knows what is up.

Last year BYU had an elite RB who is starting in the NFL this year. This year they have 4 RBs who have all had their moments. They all have their strengths but none are Algeiee. I think the backs are good. Whenever one has been hurt another one steps in and does well. I don’t think RB is a problem. Brooks gets bagged on a lot but he has had several good games. He isn’t Algeier but I am glad BYU has him.

Having a big game against UMass doesn’t say a lot but I was impressed when he came in against USC late in the game last year when Algeier got banged up late in the game.

200 yards is 200 yards. Why not let him show if he can do it against good teams? I’m with you on this.

I note that at least two of you (Fish and Sr_Burton) are BSU fans? Are there any others.

I’m not, but I live just outside Boise. If any of you on the board live in the Treasure Valley, let’s have lunch together and discuss BYU sports or life in general.

What say you?

Injured again

grew up in Rexburg. pass through Treasure Valley several times in the spring while chasing Clearwater Steelhead. Friend me on Facebook and will keep in touch.

According to the Deseret News he has been dealing with injuries the last two years:
"The emergence of Ropati helped, as the junior college transfer who battled injuries his first two seasons in Provo broke out in a big way. "

BYU football: How complementary football carried Cougars past Boise State - Deseret News

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I see about six Chris Bailey’s who could be you, which one is you? I think there’s only one Stan Adona. Feel free to friend me instead.

You know where Mud lake is? Had a good friend come from there. His father was a Dairy farmer.

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