Keys to the game tonight

15 turnovers in the first half. Ran out of gas

Yeah, that’s ball game. Lucky to be in it.
Waterman and Atiki - ooff.
Hall - pretty young but potential
Fous and Johnson - keepers.
Don’t know what to think of Williams. can look great, then brutal with decisions and passing.

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Still have a chance but 15 turnovers killed us.

Yep. That 10 TOs in first 8 minutes. That was about as brutal as I 've ever seen.
BUT the first few minutes of the first half - that was focused

Why are we unable to start games with intensity and protecting the ball.

waterman played way too many minutes.
Yeah… we’re just not that good.

meant second half. impressive!

I have never seen a worse start of a ball game, ever. it wasn’t like SC was causing this Sunami of friendly fire. just had to fast forward through it. garbage.

Justice and Stewart for SC were on fire, hunting shots, they didn’t need a crack and that ball was goin in.