Keys to the Georgia State win

1 Robinson goes out with a twisted ankle. Enter saunders new career high.

2 Dawson, Baker, sighting, or jumps out to me, is his ability to drive and get open shots. He may have some rest but you can see his big upside.

3 Byu shot 1,000,000 3s in this game Made 1 million as well. That is our signature number one in the country.

4 Khalifa 20 straight assist without a turnover

5 We were sitting at two turnovers for the entire game until the last couple minutes compare that to last year we were the worst turnover margin in the entire country

6 I thought we were going to see Marcus Adams Jr In this game. Must be a reason because we need him out there to get acclimated.

#6 absolutely! Another week and we should see Adams, Robinson and more of Baker. Robinson is okay. Good tape job and he’s fine. Let the others run fast and Robinson stand outside and shoot 3s.

Richie: I really hope people understand and appreciate his athleticism. The days of slow white guys at BYU are over. Richie combines hyper athleticism with outstanding effort. Truly a coach’s dream to have a kid like that. He’s long, super fast, hyper quick, and bounces like a pogo stick on overdrive.

Dawson: you saw what I saw. He’s a scorer off the dribble. He will win some games for us. What we have seen in the practice games is that this team is just a few things short of having potential to make a deep run in the dance:

  1. Fouss
  2. Someone who can score facing the basket off the dribble (Dawson)
  3. One true all around individual talent to match the opponents’ best guy (Marcus)