Keys to the SUU win

1- had the chance to talk to some of the media and the consensus was Byu would win 28-7 so I could tell they were worried about the offense. Byu could have have scored 50 points against a very weak SUU defense.
2- our running game is just not there. Not going to win many P5 games without a running game. The coach should consider promoting Martin.
3- it’s time to talk about Oliver, that guy is a special teams monster seems to be on every single play , every single highlight play.
4- the defense is flying like they ought to be in the big 12. Robinson continues to be a lock down guy. Tooley and Bywater are dominating in the middle.
5- I think Slovis redeemed himself this week early on in the game. Some of his balls sailed on him early on but once he settled down, he was very accurate especially when Hill was in the game. Kudos to Hill for a big TD catch. Two busted plays, turned out to be TDs. Slovis gets himself another rushing TD. Before he came to BYU he had zero now he has three in two games.
6- Isaac Rex was a madman out there for some reason SUU decided not to cover him at all. Go figure.
7- Miller for SUU was a good passer, but for some reason they just want away from it True head scratcher.
8- I would give our O line a C minus. They pass block OK, but are terrible at the run. Not gonna go very far in the big 12 without a good running attack.
9. Other notable‘s, Utah pulls off the win at Waco and Coach prime has Colorado and almost everybody else believing.

Good analysis. I still see 7 wins at least as there are some weaker Big12 teams.
We made two 4th down plays. But, only 3-10 on 3rd downs.
Ya, LJ Martin needs to not redshirt. If he does, he may end up transferring.

I watched the game here at my brother’s house in Kaua’i, but was texting my son back home and told him that it is weird that our OL seemed very solid in pass pro but can’t run block to save its collective life. Funny—or not funny—that you mentioned the same thing. Pathetic that we can’t run block up front, against an FCS team and a mediocre one at that. I’d like to see us get Roberts the ball more. He’s a great athlete. Overall I really like our WR and Rex.

On punt coverage I think you meant McKenzie. That kid can fly and he tackles just the way I used to teach my DBs: shoulder to the thigh pad, wrap the knees, and roll. Textbook.

Yes, you are correct. I meant McKenzie Б. I was drunk on cougar water.

Kawaii, dang dude.