Kingsley Suamataia, FREAK

What made BYU’s Kingsley Suamataia almost grab the top spot on the ‘Freaks List’? (

BYU’s 5 star Orem native signed with Oregon, Came back home (me) wants his folks to watch every game.

This guy has been clocked at 21.5 MPH. Freak, puts him in the top 5 nationally. Inagine what he will do for BYU recruiting. Especially if he is a first rounder. You win and die in College Football with Lines!

Just imagine King (That has to be his name FHOO) pulling and lead block for our stable of RBs. He launches people.

I think this year O-line is going to be one of the best ever at BYU:
LT Suamataia
LG Pay/Maile
Center Maile /Pay
RG Lapuaho
RT Etienne

For 6 of the last 7 years we have had the BYU PR dept name drop on just how good the O line will be. I don’t think our O line has lived up to its billing in any of the 6 years they were hyped. Maybe this year will be different. I hope so.

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So far it seems like more of the same

THawk shoots, and HE SCORES!