Kragthorpe: Ten truths about Utah-BYU football series - 1 May


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Kragthorpe’s logic in the so-called Utah-BYU rivalry is deeply flawed. He wants all of the advantages of such a so-called rivalry to favor PAC 12 Utah. He even mentions that Utah usurped the possibility of playing BYU by setting a home and home series with Fresno State. To me this shows how much Utah really doesn’t want to risk a late season loss to an apparently inferior BYU program. All one has to do is look at the draft to see how many Utes have been drafted in the first six rounds of the NFL draft this weekend so far. As a BYU alum, I believe that the Utah advantages of being in the PAC has caught up with its potential to recruit better players than BYU can. Anybody with a brain could have seen that coming. As a loyal Cougar fan and alum I believe strongly that the time has come for BYU and its fans to realize that the advantages of for Utah being in the PAC 12 far outweighs BYU’s independent chances of competing with Utah on a regular basis. End this so-called Holy War. For the present BYU has to play its indy schedule and hope for inclusion in a P-5 conference. Baring another seizmatic shift in the P-5 world or a miracle, I don’t see BYU getting into one of those upper tier conferences in the near future.