KSL Sports Beat shorts BYU , part II

Hey, Larry Brim, if you don’t select a topic, such as basketball or football, Cougarfan “Locks” the post after an hour and nobody can comment. Just an heads up.

I agree, such a great story

Big wins on Saturday, November 20: Women and Men’s soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, and BYU football. KSL gave BYU 30 seconds for men’s basketball and 30 seconds for football. No mention of the incredible day for BYU sports! Much more time on Utah’s “wonderful” win over Oregon in football. Do we need to call BYU radio and ask them if they are still the “voice of the Cougars”?

And not a peep, sad

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BYU Men’s Soccer wins Tenth National Championship, but still not satisfied (msn.com)