Kyle Whittingham at BYU?

There has been in conversation between Kyle and our AD. Neither are talking about that conversation.
Kyle at this point, is a long shot, but still within shooting range for HC at BYU.

Kyle makes $2.6 million at Utah. Our top is $2 million.
Kyle is already in the Power 5 conference and we are not.
Kyle does not have to contend with our Honor Code or our Missionary program if he stays in the Pac 12.

Kyle and his AD have issues.
Klye and the Pac 12 have issues. (lesser teams in the Pac got better bowls)
Kyle, like Bronco, has a minority fan base that is not happy with Kyle.

We have wealthy fans. an elite branch of the Cougar Club, that could, if they would, kick in an extra $600,000 per year, to match Kyles annual income as a Ute.

That same wealthy fan base, in that same elite branch of the Cougar Club, could offer as a bonus, a one time bonus of
$250,000 if or when, Kyle gets BYU into a Power 5 conference.

Kyle is a proven commodity. It would be worth it to pay him what he is worth. We probably had the best G5 coach that we could get with Bronco and he could not get us into the Power 5 conferences. Let’s invest in our future and do it now.