Lack of fundamentals

That’s about all I have to say. The weave lacks basic fundamentals in passing and dribbling. Triple thread position is sloppy and almost nonexistent except with the teams we play against. They have fundamentals. We would turn the ball over less and win many of these games.

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BYU lacks speed and playmakers

Either Pope is losing the portal/recruiting wars or the coaches have not done enough scouting to see what they are getting.

I do a write up of every new team vs. the previous year’s team. We have steadily gone down hill in talent after the Haarms/Barcello recruting years.

on the 2020 team we had 6 professional players:
TJ Haws
Zac Seljaas
Jake Toolson

What have we got in the tank with today’s team?

What we had with that lineup was an experienced team that played together for years. We really don’t have that this year. The portal works much better in Football than Basketball. Foos and Atiki in a couple of years will cause teams lots of problems.
Watterman is no Haarms. Johnson is no Haws. But, give this team another year and add a couple Haarms type players and we can have a good entry into the Big12.
I had Stake Conference and wasn’t able to watch it live. I started watching it taped later. After 5 minutes I switched to Volleyball that I had taped. They could be good this year.

you and everyone else.